1 in 3 women say they have had no sex life since their assault


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La Ciivise drew up its first assessment, after having collected thousands of testimonies. Suicide attempt, loss of self-confidence, psychological disorders, gynecological problems, long-term consequences are numerous in victims of incest. We take stock.

The traumas are real and they are much more important than we imagine. The Independent Commission on Incest and sexual violence against children (Ciivise), unveiled this Wednesday, November 17 its first conclusions following its call for testimonials, launched in September 2021. In the space of two months, more than 6,000 victims of childhood sexual violence had the courage to speak out about what they went through.

In total, Ciivise collected nearly 1,200 letters, 1,200 calls on its telephone platform and 3,800 questionnaires on its website. And the results of their analyzes are edifying. The consequences of incest victims are numerous and settle in the long term. “The more time passes between the aggression and the revelation, the more the physical or psychological symptoms associated with this trauma will worsen”, explains the doctor in clinical psychology Karen Sadlier to our colleagues of 20 minutes.

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1 in 3 victims have attempted suicide

According to figures from Ciivise, the impacts on mental health are considerable. Most people said that the violence affected their self-confidence and psychological health. One in three incest victims have already attempted suicide. And that’s not all. It is not just the psychological aspect that is damaged.

These victims who testified are in 90% of cases of women. Among them, one in three women suffers from gynecological problems. The same proportion also declares that they have had no sex life since their assault.

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Improve the care of victims

The primary purpose of this new report by Ciivise is to“listen to the victims and strengthen the protection of children”, but it must also allowimprove the care of incest victims, said Alice Debauche, sociologist at the University of Strasbourg and member of the Ciivise sub-committee, at World. “The more we are able to identify the specific consequences of sexual violence experienced in childhood, the more we will be able to provide professionals, particularly in the health sector, with analysis grids and warning signals”, report it HuffingtonPost.

As a reminder, each year in France, around 160,000 children are subjected to sexual violence. The Ciivise call for testimonials continues throughout 2022.

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