10 beliefs that are guaranteed to make you unhappy

Let it go
10 Beliefs You Better Let Go Of Before They Get You Down

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I can't, I can't, I shouldn't … These 10 sentences are guaranteed to throw us into disaster, which is why we should let go of them quickly.

by Marie Stadler

1. The others are better off than me

Uhhhh, the old comparison. Seldom ends well, because psychologists have found that you are generally more likely to compare yourself to people who have more than you do than to people who may have been less well off. The impression that "the others are better off" is simply wrong and often stirs up envy that does not make you particularly happy.

2. That's how I am

Anything you think you know about yourself could keep you from growing beyond yourself. Much of what you think of yourself was taught to you as a child. Are you unsportsmanlike? Maybe, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be training for the marathon.

3. I'm too old for that

Takes the same line. Who determines what is "too old"? We'd rather think like Astrid Lindgren, who once said: "There is no ban on old women from climbing trees!"

4. Let others like me (at all costs)

Let it be said to you: Everybodys Darling is everybodys Dachshund. The others will always believe what you think about yourself anyway. So it's actually enough if you like yourself.

5. You have to reach for your blanket

Hach, the good old saying from a time when solid savings still meant security. Today he who takes risks wins. It doesn't have to be totally uncontrolled. In any case, it is definitely not good to only dream within the framework of your own horizon … we prefer to dream big, far beyond our ceiling.

6. The apple does not fall far from the trunk

Oh oh oh, this goes wrong and it goes both ways. No, you are not doomed to become like your parents and your children should also be able to develop in any way that suits them. Thinking in narrow boxes definitely makes you unhappy.

7. I have to take responsibility for everything

You don't have to, because these are fantasies of omnipotence in sheep's clothing. You can, you have to and you will not save the world on your own. It's enough if you get your own crap on the line.

8. I'm annoying / too loud / too crazy / too different …

Says who? The world would be so boring without birds of paradise … we would have to keep watching casting shows because of sheer boredom if the loud, crazy and different things weren't there in the wild. So head up, chest out and laugh … but LOUD!

9. Only common people get rich

Would you like more money in your account? That will never happen as long as you have that old Disney image of the bad rich people in your mind. They are ruthless and greedy. Since you don't want to be like that, you subconsciously do everything you can to not belong to them. That doesn't always make you unhappy, but it certainly doesn't make you rich either.

10. I am not allowed to show off

The old fairy tale of the humble woman. Proud of our own achievement doesn't look good on us, at least that's what we think too often. We should celebrate each other and sometimes even ourselves. It is best that the boss hears it, because you know: rich people are NOT mean!