$10 million in grants for developers and users

To encourage the project’s growth, Radix is ​​increasing its ecosystem funding to $10 million (250 million XRD) to support ambitious founders revolutionizing the Web3 ecosystem with their apps and further cement its reputation as a community-centric project aiming to conquer the top of Layer 1 blockchains.

Support for founders has been a priority of the project since the beginning. In this sense, Radix has already distributed over half a million USD to the developers and users of the community since the launch of the first funding program (in February last year).

Now the ecosystem fund, which is divided into 3 categories, has been increased to 250 million XRD. 170,000 US dollars will go to the “booster grants”, 90,000 US dollars will be given to projects and individuals who reach milestones. Another 20,000 US dollars will go to developers.

The “Radix Foundry Program” incubates promising dApps that bring above-average growth in users, TVL and on-chain activities to the ecosystem.

The categories for decentralized apps include:

  • Credit platforms, lending & borrowing,
  • Real World Assets (RWA),
  • Yield derivatives,
  • NFTs and NFT trading,
  • Launchpads,
  • Stablecoins and Collateralized Debt Positions (CDP),
  • Liquid staking and restaking.

Projects that Radix Foundry can receive $250,000 in funding, technical, business and marketing support from RDX Works.

Learn more about the Radix Foundry Program.

Radix Booster Grants in Detail

Radix is ​​matching booster grants by 10x (from $15,000 to $160,000 for select projects). These grants help teams move from idea to seed-stage startup and cover 4 areas. Teams can receive each grant once and a total of up to $160,000 in funding. The different boosters are:

The MVP Booster – $5,000 in XRD
This grant is for those who are currently building an initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of their dApp on the Radix Stokenet (testnet) or as a beta version on the Radix Mainnet. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product with sufficient features to attract initial customers and validate a product idea at an early stage of development.

The launch booster – $15,000 in XRD
Once a team has tested its MVP and taken advantage of the MVP Booster, it can apply for the Launch Booster. This Booster will then launch the product for the first time on the Babylon Mainnet.

The Refinement Booster – up to $50,000 in XRD
As part of the Refine Booster, teams improve their dApps and prepare to apply for the Growth Booster (optional). Teams can apply for the Growth Booster directly or as soon as they are ready.

The Growth Boostr – up to $140,000 in XRD
The Growth Booster supports teams to reach their seed stage. Teams will pitch to the RDX Works Ecosystem Investment Team. They must present a compelling plan to achieve their growth goal (both in terms of product development, business and marketing). In addition, they must provide a detailed financial plan to support their grant application.

Teams can apply for additional funding to cover part of the cost of their code audits.

Apply for funding today

Support for milestones, fundraises and developers

Since the Babylon mainnet, celebrating success has been a priority on Radix. Therefore, in addition to boosters, milestone rewards are also being expanded. These were announced as part of the first Ecosystem Fund in February. A list of milestones to be achieved is published every quarter on the Radix blog. Projects have the opportunity to achieve them and receive one or more of the quarterly milestone rewards.

In addition, new rewards will be introduced for projects building on Radix and raising funds. They will receive a reward of up to 10% of the amount raised in XRD tokens, up to a cap of $50,000.

Without a strong community, an ecosystem cannot grow. That’s why from now on, participants who actively recruit new projects can be rewarded. Projects applying for a grant can indicate that they were referred. The referrer can win $500 in XRD for each team selected for a grant.

Ultimately, developers receive Funding for creating tools or other ecosystem projects. Do not hesitate to apply for a grant/funding. If you are unsure which grant to apply for, just fill out the form. The investment team will then contact you and find the right reward or grant for your project.

For further information please see Radix Brandhub

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