10 minutes of gameplay for Soulstice, and a Deluxe Edition for pre-order

As pre-orders for its future Deluxe Edition open, Soulstice is generously unveiled in a ten-minute long gameplay demonstration, which goes into detail about the central identity of the title: the fusional and mystical relationship between its two heroines, Briar and Lute. To save the Kingdom of Keidas, on the brink of apocalypse following the invasion of the Wraiths, the two sisters will form the tandem of the Chimera, the ultimate avatar born from the union of their two souls.

On one side, Briar, knight in armor who will be the physical argument on the way to battle, using her giant sword and her wide range of combos. Lute, on the other hand, is a Shadow that will serve as tactical support with its share of offensive and support spells to better manage the hordes of enemies around us.

The more the two sisters work together, the more Unit points they will collect, a resource which, combined, will allow them to deploy a whole series of powerful attacks, or even go into “combat intoxication”, a temporary state of frenzy. which will multiply our damage for a short time.

On the Deluxe Edition side, the lot should include a digital artbook and soundtrack, as well as an object pack “Ashen Blade“: consumables allowing you to equip Briar and Lute with a better range of combat from the start of the game.

Now set for fall 2022, soulstice will be released on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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