10 phrases solo women can’t hear anymore

Single women are often the subject of inappropriate comments about their dating situation. On the occasion of International Singles Day, top 10 phrases not to say to them on pain of passing for a misogynist.

November 11 marks International Singles Day, inspired by a Chinese tradition: the celebration of being solo and eventually breaking celibacy if you want / can. The opportunity to remember that it is not always easy to evolve alone, especially for the fairer sex. Indeed, single women are often the target of passive-aggressive hints or criticisms about their romantic situation. You know, when you are having a good time with those around you and someone allows themselves to comment on your choices and your desires, sometimes even without knowing them.

These comments can concern several aspects of your life: celibacy, the expectation of marriage or even a future motherhood. Because it’s no secret that society puts special pressure on women on these issues. The injunctions to be in a relationship are so integrated that some family members or friends allow themselves to make inappropriate thoughts, that they would never do to a man … Discover the 10 sentences that we do not want hear more as a single woman.

“You are too demanding”

It is well known that if a woman does not find the right fit or wishes to remain celib ‘, it is because she asks too much of men. As if they had to accept the first comer so as not to be alone. It’s time to stop with this phrase: if a woman has expectations, they must be met. Especially since we will never blame a man for his level of requirements …

“You will end up alone with cats”

Ah, the myth of the “old maid” … If a woman is single past 25, it is not uncommon that she has heard this phrase before. Often said in the tone of humor, it is not welcome. And then, who will not rather end up with cats than in bad company?

“Single, a pretty girl like you?”

Because yes, a woman is above all a physique. It is well known: she can only count on that … It is time to stop referring women to their outer beauty. Also, appearance has nothing to do with not having a mate or mate.

“At 30, aren’t you married?”

The idea that there is an age to achieve certain stages in life is outdated. Each person is free to move forward at their own pace. A woman may simply not want to get married, or even settle down.

“Tick, tock! The biological clock is ticking…”

A cool way to tell a woman she has an expiration date (no). Not only do people who say these kinds of phrases feel that you have to hurry to have children, otherwise you will be too old to have children, even though they are not biologists. But in addition, they believe that a woman cannot feel good if she does not have children.

Talking about the biological clock also brings us back to another problematic question: that of aging. In the imagination of many, an aging woman is no longer good for anything while a man gets better with time. Enough of these completely old-fashioned and misogynistic ideas.

“When do you present your darling to us?”

Social pressure is very strong on women: without “darling”, it is estimated that she could not be happy, that she will remain “incomplete”. If you are told this sentence, do not hesitate to explain that you can above all love yourself and that not all women are looking for someone to share their life with.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find out eventually”

This sentence, which is certainly reassuring at first glance, is rather unwelcome. Avoid telling someone they’ll end up finding someone they might not be looking for. We will repeat it as long as it takes: women can be alone and feel good!

“It will happen when you don’t think about it”

Same: this little sentence can be said without ulterior motive, but it is guilty and is not based on any valid theory. So abstain!

“I have a great friend to introduce you”

When your friends start to want to play cupids, it can be both a good and a bad sign. Of course, they want to see you happy. However, if you are not looking for love, your friends should leave you alone. In addition, nothing heavier than being seen as the celibate person to squeeze in at all costs. Your loved ones are not a marriage agency, do not hesitate to remind them!

“At your age, I already had children”

Times change, but sometimes it’s hard for parents and grandparents to figure it out. The important thing: that everyone respect their timing, follow their projects, without it becoming a race or stages to perform. Some women have the desire to have children, others do not, meetings with a partner may or may not happen, pregnancies happen or not … In short, that’s life. And nothing could be more awkward than sticking your nose into that of a woman who didn’t ask for anything.

Maude Sebaihi

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