10 products to get rid of croc skin

When the skin is dry and dehydrated, small cracks and cracks may appear on the surface of the affected area. This phenomenon is also calledcrocodile skin”. It is usually accompanied by a feeling of tightness, roughness and irritation. Most often, it is the legs that are affected and have this appearance.

If you too havecrocodile skin“, do not panic. All you have to do is rehydrate your skin and provide it with the necessary water and fat intake. For this, you will obviously have to drink water to hydrate yourself from the inside. Then, you can start by exfoliating the surface of the epidermis without attacking it. Exfoliation sweeps away dead skin and restores a smooth feel. Then, it is with moisturizers, but also with patience that you will be able to say goodbye to crocodile skin. Whether it’s a cream, an oil or a scrub, preferably choose your care without alcohol so as not to dry out your skin.

The creams

With their consistent texture, they will penetrate the epidermis and hydrate at the source. Among the most effective and moisturizing components to get rid of your lizard skin, there is aloe vera, coconut, argan oil or even shea butter.

The oils

More fluid than creams, oils provide the fat that the skin also needs and lacks. Forming a protective barrier, and incompatible with water, an oil always goes after a cream. Otherwise, it blocks access to the epidermis and the skin continues to lack water.

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