10% reduction on the Magimix Cook Expert robot!

Give your kitchen the star of multifunction robot cookers! On the occasion of the broadcast of Goût du Live, the culinary live shopping with Laurent Mariotte, benefit from a 10% reduction on the purchase of a Cook Expert with the code MAGIMIXLIVE. We tell you everything!

This content is offered to you in partnership with Magimix.

Magimix has a nice surprise in store for us for the end of 2021: online cooking lessons with Laurent Mariotte, the host of Small dishes in balance on TF1! Until December 16, the champion of healthy, friendly and accessible cuisine will host live on Feminine and Facebook six shows during which he will make a variety of recipes using a Cook Expert food processor. The opportunity to interact in live with Laurent Mariotte and the guest personality (Alessandra Sublet, Claudia Tagbo, Laëtitia Milot, Stéphane Bern, etc.), but also to discover all the potential and versatility of a Cook Expert in the kitchen.

Added to this is an exclusive 10% reduction on the range of multifunction robot cookers from Magimix. To enjoy it, nothing could be simpler: simply go to the Goût du Live page at any time, watch a live broadcast or replay, select the model of your choice in the user interface and then type promotional code MAGIMIXLIVE when paying for your order on Boulanger, Darty or Magimix (depending on the date of the live). So, from the Cook Expert family, which robot will you choose?

Cook Expert: the most complete food processor on the market

If you had to have just one food processor in your kitchen, it would have to be this one. Sexy as hell, designed and assembled with the greatest care in the historic Montceau-les-Mines factory, the Cook expert is the most complete food processor on the market.

Designed to last and resist mistreatment in the kitchen, it is the only one to combine all the skills of a high-end multifunction robot (invented by Magimix just 50 years ago!) And cooking in all its forms. or almost. Installed on the work plan, he is the irreplaceable assistant, who accomplishes at full speed the most thankless and yet essential tasks.

Cut the carrots into slices or julienne, grate the celery, chop the onions, chop the meat, smooth the mash, mount a mayonnaise … These are all actions that the robot performs with the rigor of a kitchen clerk, but a lot, a lot faster !

Of course, it is in the cooking that the Cook Expert shows all its richness. Induction, which guarantees heating to the nearest degree, allows steaming or stewing, browning or searing the most delicate dishes, to preserve their aromas.

With the Cook Expert, even the most novice of cooks succeeds the first time in perfectly cooking a fish fillet or making a hot sauce! And of course, the double-walled thermo bowl and the stainless steel steamer basket, guarantees of healthy cooking, are dishwasher-safe, like all Magimix accessories.

Cook Expert XL: meals for up to 16 people

Do you like to concoct good little dishes for large tables, or cook in one go for several days? Then the Cook Expert XL is for you. With its huge 4.8-liter stainless steel bowl (compared to 3.5 liters for the Cook Expert), it can cook enough soup for 16 people, or four adults for four meals! And of course, it is the ideal container for simmering a bourguignon or a navarin, always better when reheated.

Another advantage is that the Cook Expert XL has a steam basket with a capacity of 3.5 liters (2 liters for the classic Cook Expert), large enough to accommodate a portion fish (trout, sea bream, sea bass, etc.) . The bakery also benefits from this huge container, especially since the appliance is supplied with the Kneader XL, which allows you to make enough dough for 6 baguettes or 12 parts of brioche.

Cook Expert Connect: thousands of recipes accessible from your smartphone

Thanks to its Bluetooth key, the Cook Expert Connect offers you direct and instant access to the vibrant community of users. To control the robot, you no longer need to touch the control panel, everything happens via the free Magimix app (available on Android and ios). The hardest part will be choosing the recipe.

Would you choose one of those offered by Magimix, a Prévert-style inventory of traditional or emblematic dishes from around the world? Or will you opt for a healthy recipe, or a dish featuring an ingredient? There are a few hundred recipes on offer, but that’s just the start!

Since 2015, thousands more have been added, annotated, commented on and improved by the community, always with the same attention to detail and precision. Choose the recipe you like and follow the instructions step by step, the Cook Expert Connect takes care of everything! And thanks to the connected scale provided, the weight of the ingredients added to the bowl is displayed in the app. You will love !

Cook Expert XL Connect: the connected scale to adapt your recipes to as many people as possible

See bigger, with the XL version of the new Cook Expert Connect. Thanks to the Magimix application, you are ready to concoct giant dishes to enjoy with friends. Or to eat in batches, because it’s always nice to just have to heat up a good dinner after a hard day’s work.

Cooking for 15? No problem, the app automatically adapts the recipe (duration of a preparation, proportions, etc.) to the number of guests. And don’t worry about the connected scale: it’s precise to the nearest gram … up to 10 kilos!

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