10 signs that your cat really loves you

Unlike stereotypes, cats have real feelings of affection. It is enough to interpret their attitudes on a daily basis. These 10 signs prove it, so keep an eye out!

In the collective mind, the cat is perceived as a solitary animal, even selfish. Indeed, this furball loves his moments of introspection, but that does not prevent him from being really in love with his owner, whom he reveres casually. More difficult to drill down to day than a dog, the cat nevertheless has a body language all its own and that we can decipher by knowing what to be interested in. Based on the signs identified by the association 30 million friends, here is how to interpret the marks of love that the cat has for us.

# 1 The "gifts"

The cat's hunting instinct is undeniable, even after being tamed. Something to create embarrassing to say the least, where prey is offered on the beautiful carpet in the dining room. Behind this bloodthirsty side is that of love, because yes, for the cat, these remains are a gift. Apartment cats are no exception to the rule: some bring their blanket or toy back to their owner to show their attachment.

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# 2 hair licking

For cats, but also in the entire animal world, grooming is the most convincing sign of real friendship. So licking your hair or your ears clearly means "I trust you".

# 3 Being against, everything against

No, "stuck-tight" is not the title of the summer 2021 hit, but a mark of your faithful companion's tenderness towards you. Cats like to fall asleep not far from warm places. Choosing your knees is a real honor it does you. You are a safe place for him.

# 4 Show your belly

Being able to see your cat's belly is a privilege, because it is again a mark of confidence. This position shows a great relaxation for this small pet wild animal. No fear makes his coat quiver. He feels loved and protected.

# 5 the purr

It's no surprise, a calm cat purrs like a tractor on a harvest day. But did you know that there are different purrs? To express his love, the cat has a unique purr, one that lowers his heart rate and helps relax it. Listen to recognize it …

# 6 twitch his tail

A cat's tail is a kind of cursor of its emotions. When it is swollen, it is a sign of fear and restlessness. But when the tail contracts at the tip, it's quite the opposite: the cat is happy.

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# 7 rub your head against yours

The moment your cat rubs its head against yours, it emits pheromones. And these pheromones, which can be compared to hormones, sum up the feeling of complete confidence he feels in your presence.

# 8 nibble

A cat who only nibbles without hurting is a great lover. Because yes, the fact that he puts his little teeth on your skin expresses his adoration for you.

# 9 He "kneads" you

Numerous analyzes have shown that kittens "knead" their mothers' wombs to increase breast milk production and thus their bond. When your cat begins to "knead" a part of your body, it means that he loves you. He reproduces a moment of happiness anchored in his memory.

# 10 simultaneous blinking

According to Zooplus Magazine, a cat who blinks both eyes at the same time while looking at you is equivalent to a kiss and means "I love you". Recall that a study published by Scientific Reports, in October 2020, indicated that blinking slowly in the direction of your cat would have the effect of establishing a positive emotional communication between the feline and the human being. You know what you have left to do…