10 signs you are an alpha female

10 signs you are an alpha female

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There are women who are born leaders and are only really happy when they have a team or are their own boss. Are you one of them These 10 signs are definitely not deceptive …

by Miriam Kühnel

1. You are not seeking attention. You still have it …

In groups, it doesn't take long to get the focus. And that even though you haven't tried to … Sometimes you wonder if you're unconsciously somehow pushing yourself into the center. But don't worry too much, some people just have an attractive aura.

2. You feel constricted quickly

Whether at work, in a relationship or with the family. If your life is too controlled by others, you can no longer breathe.

3. You always want to learn more …

Real leaders do not think they are omniscient. On the contrary: you start every day curiously and are always ready to learn.

4. You are in control of your emotions

Freaking out doesn't suit you. You usually have your emotions under control and find a quiet way to solve problems with others.

5. Don't bother with toxic people

You want to make people big and not keep them small. You expect the same from those around you. If you don't go along with that, you're out. Because your time is too good to surround yourself with scolding contemporaries.

6. You get your shit baked and nobody questions that

Alpha women are rarely offered help. For what also, because outwardly it looks as if you were shaping your life with your left hand.

7. You are capable of criticism

Whoever goes ahead sometimes does not see the collateral damage at the end of the chain. This is completely normal, which is why alpha people always need honest feedback. You know that and look forward to any constructive criticism.

8. You are not easily intimidated

A room full of people who think they are better? No problem for you, because you trust yourself and your own judgment.

9. When you make mistakes, you are not completely questioning yourself

Mistakes happen to the best. You know that, you always get up after defeat and learn from them.

10. You don't care that not everyone thinks you are great

No, you are definitely not "everybody`s darling". But you never asked for it … why should you? As long as you stay true to your maxims, you are happy and content.