10 simple ideas for an Easter menu


With the Easter weekend approaching, the puzzle already hard hit at Christmas resurfaces: what are we going to use at Easter to impress our guests? Rest assured, we have had lots of good simple ideas, as pretty as they are tasty. At your aprons!

Lamb, eggs and delicacies are the traditional elements of Easter. This year, prepare to surprise and delight your guests with our tips made in Pinterest to pimp your Easter menus.

Lamb, the essential Easter dish

Who says Easter menu, necessarily says Paschal lamb! The lamb cooked in 7 hours does not connect you? Don't panic, you can still serve this traditional Easter meat by preparing it in different ways.

A traditional paschal lamb … in festive attire

Do you want to make an easy traditional Easter lamb that will amaze your guests? The must is to dress your lamb with a nice crust. Leave the breadcrumbs in favor of the pistachios and herbs which, by their very green color, will surprise your guests and will give your lamb a lot of flavor.

Which piece of lamb to choose? If the visual is your number one concern, bet on a shoulder served in slices or chops. Otherwise, if your budget allows, the lamb shank is the part that will bring the most fondant and flavor to your recipe.

Do you find the 7-hour paschal lamb too traditional? Bet on recipes from the world with lamb in the spotlight.

Eggplant cannelloni with lamb

With these eggplant cannelloni with lamb, you will surprise your guests. To serve: Hot, with a good tomato sauce! Most ? If some of your guests are vegetarians, all you have to do is make these same cannelloni by replacing the lamb with vegetables such as zucchini and peppers, which go very well with eggplant.

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Lebanese meatballs with lamb

Lamb is very common in oriental cuisine, so why not break the codes by offering a lamb that smells good in the sun? These Lebanese lamb-filled dumplings are ideal if you have a lot of guests and will undoubtedly make kids fall in love. To serve: Hot or lukewarm with a sauce made of yogurt, cucumber and mint! Most ? Since lamb is an expensive meat, this recipe allows you to use certain less "noble" parts and therefore to save a little money.

Prosciutto of lamb

When we think of prosciutto, we immediately think of a ham. This recipe is likely to impress your guests since it is made from … cured lamb. Visually, we could be wrong! Only downside: To make a successful lamb prosciutto, you have to do it in advance because curing is a process that takes time. To serve: As an aperitif or as a dish with a side dish of raw vegetables.

Lamb Polpettone

In Italian, polpettone means “big dumpling”. Rest assured: if its name is not very attractive, this dish is no less delicious. Mixture of ground lamb, herbs and garlic, coated with pancetta.
To serve: Sliced ​​with asparagus or crunchy vegetables to counterbalance the rich side of the polpettone. The most? This dish is extremely easy to make.

Playful and original Easter eggs

True Easter tradition, eggs can be served in a thousand and one original ways.

Are hard-boiled eggs too common for you? What if you decorated them lightly? An incision on top in which you slip small pieces of carrots, two small sprigs of chives: it's up to the boiled eggs in the shape of chickens which have their little effect!

Do you want to go further? Turn your eggs into chicks! Make hard-boiled eggs, cut in half and garnish with mimosa eggs. A small piece of carrot for the nose, two small pieces of chives or peppercorns for the eyes: and voila!

If you want to make simple, fun and healthy plates, this one is perfect! Place a fried egg on a toast and have fun turning it into a rabbit with raw vegetables: half a cherry tomato for the nose, two cucumber slices for the ears, slices of radish and black olives for the eyes and two celery sticks for the whiskers. Effect guaranteed especially with children.

Most ? To make these recipes you can involve your children by asking them to take care of the decoration. Naturally, we recommend that you cut all the elements in advance.

Trompe-l'oeil Easter desserts

You don't have to be a great starred chef to make desserts that throw them away. The must ? Go for trompe l'oeil desserts that are as simple as they are good.

Fried eggs? No, a panacotta!

Fresh and good, panacotta is not necessarily the first dessert that comes to mind when we think of "Easter meal". However, when she plays fried eggs with her mango coulis, panacotta is perfect for Easter. Especially after a good meal a little rich!

Too simple for you? Pan-fried egg-style panacotta can also amaze if slipped into chocolate shells.

Another option: the apricot tartlet fried egg. Super simple, you just have to make chocolate tarts then garnish them with cream or fromage blanc and place apricots on them.

A rabbit ? No, a very healthy fruit salad!

To avoid a liver attack and a coma, you will love this simple recipe. Cut several fruits of different colors into pieces and put them together in a large dish so that they form a rabbit. Guaranteed effect!

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