10 tips for a smooth transition to natural gray

While we are all likely to have white roots, proudly assuming them is still taboo. Still, it’s not that hard to switch to a gorgeous natural gray by taking a few steps to ease the transition. We take stock.

If gray hair has long been seen as a sign of old age to be camouflaged on pain of passing for someone who has an unfortunate tendency to let go, mentalities are starting to change, and with good reason. The closure of hairdressing salons during the first lockdown boosted the acceptance of gray hair. More and more people, and especially women, have decided to adopt their gray hair proudly, including fashion icons like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. This trend is also part of the #BodyPositive movement promoting self-acceptance. But with the best will in the world, the transition to a pretty gray isn’t always easy. Between new products to adopt without getting lost, two-tone and non-homogeneous roots to assume for a few months, the irritation of the scalp felt by many people… The transition is not the simplest and can put us at tough test. So, there are a few tips and products to know in order to ensure a smooth transition to pretty gray. Decryption.

1 / Choose the right style

After choosing to embark on your new hair adventure and let your hair grow white, there are many styles available to you: do you prefer gray highlights or a salt and pepper look? Or, do you want to fully adopt your new color with a look of uniform white? It’s up to you.

2 / Find a gray hair specialist

Just like going to a specialist in cutting to enhance your face or coloring to lighten your hair before summer, when you want to initiate your transition to gray hair, an expert hairdresser is at prioritize. If it isn’t for the best result, do it for your peace of mind. How to find ? Take advantage of social networks! Hairdressers’ accounts will give you a good idea of ​​what to expect at the salon and make word of mouth work too.

3 / Do not neglect hair consultations

Take the time to confide all your desires, doubts and questions to. to the specialist. Far from being wasted time, this will allow you to glean valuable advice and be sure to leave satisfied with your look for the weeks and / or months to come.

4 / Opt for sweeping

Unless you shave your head to avoid the root effect, you will necessarily have to go through a two-tone phase to achieve a length of gray hair long enough to keep it. How to deal with this uneven passage without bleaching all of your hair? There are many options available to you. Among them, sweeping is recommended for a more uniform and aesthetic effect. This technique, which consists of coloring strands on the majority of the hair, will highlight your natural strands for a natural “salt and pepper” effect that is easier to live with for a few months and which will also give your hair more body and reflections.

5 / And to speed up the transition, a boyish cut

Want to go straight to a 100% gray look? The boyish cut is ideal to adopt. With this short, chic and modern cut – adopted by big stars such as Meryl Streep, Kristen Stewart, Coco Chanel and Emma Watson – you will feel free as air and the transition to gray will be easier, because you will have less. in length to grow. If this short haircut is not for you and you want to keep your hair lengths, be sure to get your tips cut regularly (every one and a half months or so), in order to maintain the process.

6 / Avoid homemade coloring

The risks involved are not worth it! Indeed, if a homemade coloring seems to be a cheap solution at first glance, possible coloring errors if you are not familiar with the technique will cost you more and this is not the time to damage your hair unnecessarily. .

7 / Fight against dry hair

For your beautiful gray hair, nourishing and moisturizing masks will be among the best allies. The flagship asset? Keratin and its ultra-regenerating power which will fill in the gaps in the hair fibers and thus make them softer and less brittle. On the other hand, sulphates will instead become your worst enemies. Why ? Because they are very foaming, they are quite stripping for fibers, even irritating for sensitive scalps.

Here are some products to get you started:

8 / Enhance your white hair with a purple shampoo

Best friend to blonde hair, purple shampoo is also great for gray hair. Thanks to the purple pigments it contains, composed of amino acids and anti-yellowing agents, say goodbye to yellow highlights, loss of shine, and weakening of your natural gray hair. Indeed, it is not because you have decided to keep natural hair that you will not want to boost their reflections or ensure that your hair has a homogeneous and harmonious appearance. To achieve this, swap your usual shampoo for a purple version every three washes or so.

Here is our pick of the best purple shampoos:

9 / Protect your hair from heat

Gray hair may turn yellow and dry out from the heat of electrical devices. Indeed, they tend to be even more fragile than formerly colored hair. As prevention is better than cure, it is recommended to avoid using heated hairdressing devices as much as possible. However, this solution is not possible for those who often carry out brushings or other glamorous hairstyles in their lengths. If this is the case, first apply a thermo-protective spray to your still damp hair before each drying in order to protect them from the heat.

Like electrical appliances, the sun’s rays tend to weaken gray hair. As such, bet on adapted hair care such as protective oils and sprays to be applied to the hair before exposure. Be careful, they must be equipped with an SPF filter (like sunscreens) to be effective.

10 / Arm yourself with patience

Depending on the length of your hair, the transition to gray takes more or less time, but one thing is certain: you will need to be patient in order to be able to sport 100% gray hair to your liking. But do not worry, there are several tips to achieve this by taking your pain patiently.

  • Take advantage of the hair accessories. Ups and downs are inevitable during the transition to gray. Do not hesitate to use hats, turbans or headbands when you have a little slack.
  • Subscribe to social networks. Many social media accounts are breaking the taboo around gray hair and providing mutual support for people making the transition to accepting gray hair. Get inspired by these Instagram accounts of women who embrace gray: @fiftyyearsofawoman, @grombre, armelleperves, @greysian__, and @freshbeautystudio.

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