10 underrated factors for a happy relationship

Love is the cornerstone of a relationship. True, but love alone cannot eliminate all differences and ensure a long, happy relationship. It’s often the little things that create great things. These 10 underestimated factors contribute significantly to a fulfilling partnership.

There are many couples who have been together for several decades. How do you do it? What’s your secret? There is probably no watertight recipe for success, but there are decisive features. It is important to yourself focus on the good parts of a relationship. Because we generally tend to focus on the negative.

An example: You get your performance review at work and it’s fantastic, there is only one small way you could improve. What do you remember most of all? Right, the negative. Of course, you should take the comment seriously, too, but not without considering all the positives. We do the same in our relationships. We often take the good and the beautiful for granted, while we focus on the annoying little things – and maybe even create problems where there aren’t any.

Love: 10 underrated factors in a happy relationship

He: She leaves worn clothes lying around instead of packing them in the laundry basket, the dishes pile up or you are once again exposed to the moods of the other person – that annoys you. Rightly so! Of course, such things can affect the mind and one can also quarrel. Important is, Not to lose sight of the big picture.

The little obstacles shouldn’t take up all of our attention. Because then we forget to appreciate what goes really well. Working on problems makes it possible to improve a long-term relationship. Yet it is just as important to yourself reflect on the positive aspects of your connection. So don’t underestimate these 10 factors that make a healthy relationship.

1. You can be yourself

Both parties accept each other for who they are and do not pretend. You don’t try to change one another either. the true identity Being able to show without having to worry that our counterpart will judge us is an essential cornerstone.

2. Lots in common

A relationship can be more satisfying when the couple is shares basic beliefs or valueshas a lot in common. Often similarities are hidden or disguised as opposites. For example, if you spend hours discussing with your significant other about which rock band is the best of all time and you have different opinions, you have one thing in common: a passion for music.

3. You are best friends

In a happy relationship Platonic love also plays a major role: Intimacy, affection, emotional support and the Maintaining a strong bond are enormously favored by friendship within a relationship.

4. Proximity and wellbeing

It is not always easy to open up to someone. But in a happy relationship you feel good and also dares to be vulnerable. Sharing feelings, relying on each other and emotional intimacy are wonderful side effects of trust – and create closeness.

5. He: it makes you a better person

No, this does not mean that your partner wants or should change, optimize or even control you. Rather, it’s about support: He: she strengthens your back, helps you with yours Self-development. As you grow and develop as a person, the same will happen to your relationship.

6. A team

People in a happy relationship are considerate of the other, master challenges together – they act in a team. Everyone should be true to themselves and maintain their own identity, but that also plays a role in a relationship common identity as a unit a role. Even the choice of words is insightful: Research shows that the frequent use of “we” creates a strong feeling of cognitive closeness of the couple made clear.

7. Power shared

In a loving bond, the decision-making, power, and influence in the relationship are often shared. When both people have a say, relationships are stronger and likely to last longer. Couples are also happier when they feel that the division of labor in their relationship is fair.

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8. Absolute confidence

That we can rely on the person we are with is the be-all and end-all of a relationship. In a happy relationship, we know that our partner will always be our best in mind has and will be there for us when we need him. For a change, this does not result in a vicious circle, but a positive cycle (angel’s circle?): Trust encourages greater commitment, which in turn leads to greater trust.

9. Your partner is fundamentally good

Warm-heartedness, reliability, fairness, friendliness, intelligence and trustworthiness – it is because of these characteristics that we fell in love with our better half. No wonder these qualities are not only virtuous, but also form the basis for a resilient relationship.

10. No serious problems

Small differences of opinion and squabbles are part of every partnership. However, a happy relationship is guaranteed by the Absence of serious problems like cheating, disrespect or jealousy. There is nothing that you cannot get rid of.

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