10 years after its release, GTA 5 is beating its competitors with stratospheric sales figures!

Game news 10 years after its release, GTA 5 is beating its competitors with stratospheric sales figures!

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More than ten years after its release, Grand Theft Auto 5 further strengthens its status as a video game juggernaut with this absolutely phenomenal new sales milestone.

The best-selling GTA game of all time

Among the games from the Rockstar studio, Grand Theft Auto V is certainly at the top. The fifth opus of the most famous video game license has once again proven its status as an exceptional work in the video game landscape as Take-Two recently revealed the sales figures for the game. And it’s colossal: after more than ten years on the market, GTA V has crossed the barrier of 200 million copies sold.

A phenomenal performance for a game which, through its multiplayer mode, has never really stopped growing and entertaining an entire community of fans present since its release in 2013. With these figures, GTA V consolidates its place a good third in the Top 10 best-selling games of all time, behind Minecraft (300 million) and Tetris (530 million).

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The Rockstar star

GTA V is therefore far, far ahead of its predecessors and remains Rockstar’s most popular game. That being said, it is not the only game from the studio to be among the best-selling titles in history. Thus, as Take-Two also clarified, a certain Red Dead Redemption II would have sold more than 64 million copies. An impressive score, which places it in seventh place in the Top 10 best-selling games ahead of
Skyrim (60 million), The Witcher 3 And Overwatch (50 millions). GTA V and RDR2 are therefore the heyday of Rockstar and Take-Two, at least before the tidal wave Grand Theft Auto VI won’t hit the public next year, during the fall.

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