100 plants in the country – mega-windmill vision meets with a lot of resentment

25 wind turbines by 2030: That is the goal of the Salzburg state government. That’s not enough for IG Windkraft: Although the efforts are going in the right direction, says managing director Stefan Moidl. Only: In order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, more efforts are needed. “By 2030 there could be 100 wind turbines in Salzburg,” says Moidl; 200 are possible in the long term. This requires, among other things, more wind areas and systems. And faster approvals – there should be no more dedication procedures at the community level. The competent provincial councilor Josef Schwaiger (ÖVP) does not only dislike the latter. “I think 100 is very idealistic, the lead time is several years. I’ll be happy when the first one is installed,” says Schwaiger. There shouldn’t be any more designated areas: For the time being, the eleven wind action zones should remain.

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