1,000 additional accommodation places announced

During a visit to the Maison des Femmes in Saint-Denis, Prime Minister Jean Castex spoke about the measures that will be taken regarding victims of domestic violence.

This Wednesday, September 2, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced new measures during a visit to the Maison des Femmes in Saint-Denis: "I am announcing that we will release an envelope to finance 1,000 additional places. " These places are in fact in addition to those already planned by the government following the Grenelle of domestic violence launched last year: "This brings us to 6,500 places in total for these women and children ", added Élisabeth Moreno, the minister responsible for gender equality. Jean Castex, for his part, wanted to speak directly to the victims of violence within their couple: "You have to tell women: do not stay in this situation, come to us, come to the public service to file a complaint, we will also take care of you."

Many associations doubt the existence of additional accommodation places set up by the government since the launch of the Grenelle on domestic violence. According to Élisabeth Moreno "they are created". She adds: "I will do everything to ensure that the 1000 others are and that we ensure that the mapping of these new accommodations is fair, whether in rural, urban or overseas areas. "

The associations remain however perplexed. Has the cost of the measures been underestimated? For many, the budget is still insufficient. The call for projects foresees an average cost of 25 euros per day per place, when in reality it is much higher than that. The expense requires a budget that would be closer to between 40 and 50 euros per person, according to Senators Arnaud Bazin and Éric Bocquet in a recently published report. Elisabeth Moreno reacted to these calculations by ensuring: "We are working on this subject. It is not about housing women under all conditions." In addition, 15 new treatment centers for perpetrators of domestic violence will open by the end of 2020 as well as 15 others in 2021.

A sign to make during video calls if you are a victim of domestic violence

Video by Clemence Chevallet