1000 times more expensive than in the hardware store: Balenciaga presents luxury adhesive tape


Many people shake their heads at the sight of unusual luxury goods, but this adhesive tape from Balenciaga takes your breath away. It looks like it came from a hardware store, but costs 1,000 times more.

This tape is extremely expensive. (Source: Screenshot Instagram/highsnobiety)

Balenciaga is not only known for expensive clothing, sneakers and handbags, but also for unusual “luxury concepts” based on everyday objects.

At Paris Fashion Week 2024, the company exhibited a bracelet that looks like normal adhesive tape. The manufacturer’s name can be seen, but otherwise it doesn’t look special. Videos of it are still circulating online.

The price is more extravagant. Balenciaga has not yet announced it, but according to some online reports, the tape could cost between 4,000 and 4,400 US dollars, or up to 4,100 euros.

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If you want to buy normal adhesive tape at the hardware store, you will pay about 1,000 times less and can still wear it “fashionably” on your wrist.

Balenciaga is met with ridicule online for this “new product”. One comment reads: “Rich people really want to feel poor”. Quite a few people think that the entire Balenciaga brand is a big joke.

This is not the first time that Balenciaga has attracted attention with expensive products that look like everyday objects. For example, the company offers a garbage bag for 1,500 euros or a beige towel for 700 euros.

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