12 hallucinating compound first names accepted by the civil registry … one wonders why


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Giving your baby a name is always a great adventure, but sometimes parents go too far. As proof, these 12 first names given by the parents and validated by the civil status … which leaves us perplexed.

The laws on the choice of first names have evolved a lot and have really become more flexible in recent years. The initial law of 11 Germinal Year XI (which corresponds to April 1, 1803), enacted in order to put an end to the sometimes fanciful first names given by parents to their children stipulated that “the names in use in the various calendars, and those of the characters known from ancient history, can only be received, as first names in the civil status registers intended to record the birth of children; and it is forbidden for public officials to admit any other in their acts ”.

On April 12, 1966, a certain relaxation of the law took place. Indeed, from that date, regional first names, compounds, from diminutives or from mythology were authorized. It is since 1993 that parents really have freedom in terms of first name since they can name their child as they see fit as long as “the first name alone or associated with other first names or the name” is not “contrary to the interest of the child ”according to the registrar … This has left the door open to a large number of invented first names, to hazardous spellings or to the least surprising associations.

And because the imagination does not excuse everything, here are 12 compound names accepted by civil status officers when we would not have bet on them:

Religious names
If they are less given today, these first names had the wind in their sails at the beginning of the century. Given to protect babies, there are still some limits that have been crossed

  • Ange-Toussaint – Maybe a little too much, right?
  • Praise – Associating two first names to create a third which, when spoken, has a particular meaning, you had to think about it.
  • Divine Grace – Not easy to wear

First names market gardeners
If the first names of fruits had their heyday (Cherry, Plum…) it is today the first names of flowers which take center stage (Iris, Rose…). Adventurers, some parents took the risk of using first names made up 100% from the garden … and that was not necessarily a good idea.

  • Reine-Claude – Given mainly in the 80s (yes, that’s no excuse) there are currently between 350 and 450 Reine-Claude in France.
  • Cauliflower – Why give a child the first name of a vegetable hated by kids … sadism?
  • Marie apple – Yes but no.

Star names
A tribute to his favorite star, it’s tempting but it’s risky in the long run, careers being made and unraveled.

  • Jay Z – there are currently about ten in France, we wish them great success.
  • Sue-Ellen – More than 50 little girls were so named in 1982, during the heyday of Dallas on the small screen.
  • Bruce lee and Leo Messiah – Be careful, just because you give your toddler the name of a great athlete does not mean that he will necessarily have the same talent … and the same career.

Celestial names
Yes, they are cute and poetic but not necessarily easy to wear to be taken seriously in a job interview.

  • Little Snow
  • Pearl-Star

We did not speak to you this time about Lola-Poupoune, but know that there is also a girl in France who has this incredible first name.

Want even more names?

Here are our (not too) secret sources of inspiration for creating these lists

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