12 ideas for New Year's Eve at home

So that we can close 2020 properly, we have collected the best ideas for the last evening of the year for you. And all of them can be implemented alone, in pairs or in groups of five. Because no matter whether it is a small celebration or a quiet evening – we deserve it!

New Years Eve livestream

If the family belongs to the risk group or friends live too far away, we fall back on a method that has now almost been tried and tested: the video call. This is usually only possible with a limited number of people, but we can see our loved ones and spend time with them without endangering anyone. You can also play many quizzes, escape rooms or crime dinners online – so the evening is guaranteed not to be boring.

Bucket list

We admit it openly: We rarely really kept our New Year's resolutions. A nice idea for the coming months is a bucket list with things that we don't want to miss, try out or just do in 2021. It doesn't necessarily have to be something daring like a parachute jump, simpler things like a certain film that we don't want to miss in the cinema can also be on it. This increases the anticipation for the future and we can meet up with friends straight away so as not to lose sight of each other. At the top of our personal bucket list: To finally hug our loved ones again!

"We Are The Champions"

Did someone say karaoke? Even if it is probably nothing new for all of us to sing song lyrics more badly than right into a microphone, argue about the choice of music and hope that someone else sings weird than you are, karaoke is a constant party companion. So we can bring a bit of a missed concert feeling home without spending a lot of money on concert tickets, waiting hours for the act or having to stand in line for the toilet for ages.

New Year's Eve as an artist

Maybe the name Bob Ross means something to you. If the doorbell doesn't ring: Robert Norman Ross was an American painter who created hundreds of videos in "The Joy Of Painting" series, with which he wanted to show that there is an artist hidden in all of us. The videos last around 30 minutes each and can be viewed on YouTube, for example. What else do we need to let off steam in a really creative way? Canvas, paints and brushes – and then you can start.

Annual quiz

2020 was definitely not the best year of our lives. And even though most of us have spent most of the past few months at home, there has been a lot going on. Did Trump really tweet that? What was the most popular travel destination in Germany? Who won the Oscar for best actress? How much toilet paper was sold in April? Admittedly, a quiz like this requires a lot of preparation time and creativity. However, we can also split the work with our partner, then we don't know every answer. And it reminds us that many beautiful things have happened in the past few months as well.

"The same procedure as every year, James!"

For some, "Dinner For One" is an absolute must, others can happily do without seeing Miss Sophie celebrate her 90th birthday every year. (After all, the usual suspects among the streaming providers also have one or two New Year's Eve films up their sleeves.) A little idea from our side to spice up the black and white classic: Simply toast every time James drinks. Or when he trips over the tiger's head. Or both.

Wellness evening

Me-time is often neglected in stressful everyday life. But we can also use the New Year's Eve for this: put your cell phone down, skip the television and take a glass of wine in the bathtub. Then we can just cuddle up on the sofa with a good book and a hot water bottle, cook extensively, give ourselves a nice mani-pedi or have long conversations for two. And then we start the new year relaxed. Lovely!

Ommm …

Regardless of whether it is a downward-looking dog, a warrior or Shavasana: Those who want to start the new year relaxed or spice up their wellness evening a bit can enjoy an extended yoga session in the evening. So we can come down, take a deep breath and become aware of ourselves. There are enough tutorials on YouTube. Or you are one of the lucky ones who have a yoga teacher among their friends – then you can connect via video chat! And if you've already dealt a lot with the standard sessions this year, why not try beer yoga …

Review 2020

We are sure that each of us will take away beautiful moments from this year. How about using the last evening of the year to finally spice up the photo albums again, indulge in memories and reflect on what we have experienced in the last few months? This also works wonderfully by decorating a photo, an invitation or even just a note from each month with lovely words on a timeline on the wall!


Even if the Christmas days were just one gluttony, we take the time on New Year's Eve to cook extensively with our loved ones. For example, a fresh 4-course menu in which each dish was inspired by a season. Or with randomly selected ingredients, which then have to be creatively cooked together to create a surprise menu. Anyone who celebrates with older children or friends can ask everyone to take care of a course – so everyone cooks together and everyone has the chance to try something new.

Go to bed early

Hand on heart: Actually, it is also December 31st. A day like any other. Then why not just do it like that? It is not a crime to go to bed before midnight on New Years Eve. Then we start January well rested!

New year breakfast

Regardless of whether you looked deeply into the glass the evening before, played board games or simply spent a relaxed evening: The New Year can be started well with an extended New Year's breakfast or brunch. Just celebrate that a new year has started and enjoy the day off with freshly squeezed orange juice, warm rolls and homemade jam!