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“12 noon shots”: the mysterious star hides the face … of a woman! : Current Woman Le MAG

Nothing seems to be able to stop its rise in 12 noon shots. After discovering the name of Willy Rovelli behind his mysterious 5th star a few days ago, Eric, the 3rd best candidate in the history of the show, is about to win the 6th star in his record. With 126 participations to date, the 45-year-old Breton has had the gift of attracting the wrath of a handful of Internet users. Advantageous? Cheater? Some agree that he would not deserve his mysterious 6th star. However, the father strives every day to find a link between this deserted road landscape and the name of a national or international personality. Thursday March 26, Éric, "not at all inspired", proposed the name of Johnny Hallyday. It's lost. According to the hypotheses expressed on social networks, the mysterious star would actually hide the face … of a women. Explanations.

With only a deserted stretch of road, a blue sky and a road sign similar to those present in the United States, some fans of the show agree on the name of the youtuber Enjoy Phoenix, former candidate of Dance with the stars. Indeed, according to the details of the Youtube channel Star hunter, the landscape behind the hundreds of small blue boxes would strangely recall the decor of the cover of the influencer book released in 2016, Road Book. If no one can yet confirm that it is indeed Marie Lopez, alias Enjoy Phoenix, behind the mysterious star, his pouch in the arid wilderness could quickly put the flea to the ear …

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