12 realistic recovery tips for tired moms and dads

1. Come across well!

Rushing from job to daycare. Stumbling from the weekend into Monday. Then that last day before vacation… The transitions between work and private life are not our forte and are a major stress factor.

The crux: Our stress level is usually highest in in-between zones. The way we get from A to B has a huge impact on how stressed we are in general. “Anyone who calmly masters the change of biotope and builds in more buffer times is much more relaxed in life,” explains Helen Heinemann from the Hamburg Institute for Burnout Prevention.

Our relaxation tip: Establish a permanent rite of passage before picking up the children. Get up a quarter of an hour earlier. Walk to daycare, listen to two or three songs in the car, or go to a café for a cappuccino. Important: The mini-ritual should be great fun!

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