13 Old Fashioned Things We Teach Our Kids

13 Things We Teach Our Kids Even Though They’re Not Hip

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Yes, then we have 2021. And then everything is fast and digital and changing. No reason to mutate into a social Neanderthal. 13 Skills We Teach Our Kids Even Though They’re From Different Times:

by Marie Stadler

1. How to clarify things on the phone

Can’t that be clarified with a quick email? Nah, not always. Sometimes you just have to pick up the phone. And then you should damn well know how to introduce yourself and get your questions answered.

2. How to properly shake hands

The latest Mr. Macron taught us what a proper handshake means. But even if our children never meet Donald Trump, a firm and confident handshake is worth its weight in gold. You’re not always just among your peers.

3. How to get and repair things

“Mom, can’t we buy this again?” Yes we can and no we don’t. Because otherwise you will eventually suffocate in the garbage. And because things also have a soul. Ask Marie Kondo.

4. That you look at people when you talk to them

If your eyes are somewhere else, your head is also somewhere else. At least that’s how it looks and that doesn’t exactly bring plus points. Neither at work nor in private life.

5. How to write a thank you card. With the hand!

And if it’s a short note on a Post it. A handwritten thank you is nicer than any Whatsapp. How do children learn this? “Thanks for setting the table today! That was very nice of you! Mom”

6. How to find a book in the library

Because nowhere else can you feel the universe as much as in a huge library. And those who find their way around it can rightly be very proud.

7. How to choose a gift that the recipient will like (without a toy store gift box)

Gift boxes with 5, money wishes with 13… you can do everything, but without us. Because a gift is a gift when you have given some thought to who the recipient is, what he likes and what connects him to us….

8. How to treat artists who are on stage with respect

Get up and run when the curtain falls? Save yourself the annoying gossip? Talking loudly during the concert? Rather not, children, every effort deserves respect. Yes, also a performance in the puppet theater.

9. How to plant a tree

No, not by pressing Alt + Ctrl + B…

10. That you should ask people in the know for advice (instead of googling)

Machines are great, people are better. Especially those who know their way around… they will be happy if someone appreciates it and asks.

11. Admitting a mistake and then doing better

Yes, parents make mistakes too. If they can also admit it, the Lütten automatically learn that there is no shame in making a mistake if you own it and can apologize.

12. That everyone who lives in a house has to contribute

Princes and princesses have servants, we average citizens don’t have any. Those who learn this from an early age and don’t just get up from the table and leave will find it easier later on with their own household and will be a popular guest even as a child.

13. How to play with a baby

Because there are no better teachers to learn empathy. If you can play with babies, you also know how to meet other people where they are. At their level of knowledge, in their environment, at their level.


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