135,000 cars recalled: Tesla gives way to the US traffic authorities

135,000 cars recalled
Tesla gives way to the US traffic authorities

The problem has been known for a long time. But it was only after a few weeks that Tesla let itself be carried away to recall tens of thousands of S and X vehicles. The electric car manufacturer reacts grudgingly to a screen malfunction that is criticized by the US agency NHTSA.

The electric car manufacturer Tesla complies with a request from the US traffic authority NHTSA and calls back numerous vehicles because of possible screen malfunctions. Overall, the campaign affects almost 135,000 older S and X models built between 2012 and 2018. This is probably the largest recall by the electric car manufacturer.

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Specifically, it is about storage space problems with certain computer chips, which can lead to failure of the central touchscreen screen, which is used to operate various vehicle functions. The US traffic safety authority NHTSA called on Tesla to take this step in January and pointed out that the driver can no longer use important functions via the screen in the vehicle when the memory chip is full – including de-icing, blinkers or driver assistance systems.

According to the authority, a total of 158,000 vehicles are affected – Model S from model years 2012 to early 2018 and Model X from model years 2016 to early 2018. Why Tesla is recalling fewer vehicles than required by the NHTSA is not yet known.

In a letter to the federal authorities, Tesla stated that while they did not believe the problem was a defect in the vehicle, they would implement the recall to complete the investigation and provide owners with a good customer experience. "It is economically, if not technologically impossible, to expect that such components can or should be designed that will last for the entire useful life of the vehicle," said Tesla's letter.