15.5 million customers, but…: Lieferando’s biggest problem is the telephone

15.5 million customers, but…
Lieferando’s biggest problem is the telephone

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Last year alone, one in ten restaurants closed down, according to a Creditreform study. The aftereffects of the Corona crisis are one of the reasons. “Everyone who was already online with us got through the crisis,” says Lieferando Germany boss Katharina Hauke.

Anyone who orders food often uses Lieferando. In Germany alone, the platform has 15.5 million customers and 35,000 partner restaurants. “We help the Italian around the corner who has nothing to do with technology to make sales online,” says Katharina Hauke, Managing Director of Lieferando in Germany. Nevertheless, the phone is and remains the most stubborn competitor for the platform. Because 80 percent of people in Germany who order food home still call their favorite restaurant.

In order to become an indispensable platform for restaurants, Lieferando is positioning itself as a partner to catering businesses. Building a website and offering various digital payment options – for which Lieferando has its own banking license in the Netherlands – are two examples. Especially in the current crisis with high raw material and energy costs and a lack of staff, Lieferando is almost mutating into a management consultancy. “Out-of-the-box thinking” is the order of the day to show restaurants how to make better use of their kitchens and reach more consumers, says Hauke. “We are simply a really strong partner without a lot of risk and without a lot of effort.”

In addition, the business model is being expanded: In addition to food, electronic items and flowers can now also be ordered via Lieferando. How does the company plan to gain a foothold in rural areas? Not with drones in the foreseeable future. Instead, it’s about green mobility and sustainable packaging in collaboration with the restaurants.

Katharina Hauke ​​explains in “So techt Deutschland” whether catering customers prefer to pay in cash or by card, how Lieferando deals with criticism of its own system and how the platform uses the data.

Frauke Holzmeier and Andreas Laukat spoke to Katharina Hauke. You can watch the entire conversation in the podcast “This is how Germany techs” listen.

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