15 months imprisonment – Graz (28) narrowly missed neighbor with a shot

Alcohol and his gay best friend’s marriage proposal: This combination apparently threw a man from Graz off balance in such a way that he bought a gas pistol and randomly shot out the window. He only just missed a neighbor in the next house. In court, the man showed remorse.

“It was stupid what happened!” – The accused from Graz sits visibly bent in front of judge Hanspeter Draxler. His big problem is alcohol: “My father has already died of alcohol.” So he should know better. “He was already on the right track with therapy, but then he fell over,” said his defense attorney. His best friend came out as homosexual Everything started the day before the shooting when his best friend came out. “I didn’t know he was gay. And then he proposed to me, ”says the 28-year-old. The situation rocked until he hit the friend. Victim attorney Gunter Ledolter demands ten euros as symbolic compensation for pain and suffering. Then he fired from the window at an adjoining house. He narrowly missed a tenant, who testified in court that his window was still broken because he didn’t have the money to have it repaired. “Do you want money for the repairs?” Asks the judge. “I would prefer if the shooter repairs it himself”, says the worker dryly. “Somehow I’ll manage it.” The drunk also shot around in the stairwell. The city wants 323 euros for this damage. The 28-year-old accepts all demands. “Somehow I’ll manage it.” “And how should you go on?” – “I have to leave Graz. Graz is my downfall. ”He wants to go to his uncle on the farm. And do inpatient withdrawal therapy. But first he has to serve his sentence. He immediately accepts the 15 months of unconditional imprisonment.
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