1509 euros demanded – massive additional payments plague tenants at the station

A proud 1509 euros are to be paid for the operating costs of a 33 square meter accommodation at the train station.

The operating cost statement has an unpleasant surprise in store for many tenants of the Perron building at Salzburg Central Station! The owner, Perron Salzburg GmbH, demands an additional payment of 1509.52 euros for a 33 square meter apartment. Around 800 euros are to be paid in arrears for a two-room apartment in the building at Salzburg Central Station. “It has never been cheap before,” says one tenant. “But that’s a new dimension.” What’s also annoying is that the owner doesn’t hand out the bills even on request. The distribution key is also unclear. The BFM Facility Management Group, which looks after the house, sees no calculation error. The billing was checked. Unfortunately, the additional costs are due to the price increases. At the time of the prescription, it was not possible to estimate that such a price explosion would occur, the supervising property management let know on a “Krone” request. There is another reason why such high operating costs are incurred. Higher costs due to the design advisory board “Unfortunately, the building had to be built as transparently as possible due to the specifications of the Salzburg design advisory board. Therefore, a ventilated glass facade had to be implemented. This facade alone already consumes air volumes as well as heating and cooling energy,” according to the company. The tenants of the platform can also inspect the accounts in the office in Salzburg – it is not usual to send receipts. The Chamber of Labor is now examining the cases. The Chamber of Labor Salzburg has already received several inquiries from tenants. “These inquiries are being examined, it is still too early to make specific statements,” reports housing law expert Martin Mariacher.
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