15th Cabaret Prize – humorists want Hercules from Klagenfurt

Six cabaret artists are competing for the favor of the jury and the audience this year: They want to win the Hercules, the 15th Klagenfurt Cabaret Prize. And because humor is the opponent of fear – and as such indispensable in times like these – the humorous competition will be held on Thursday.

One can temporarily evade experiencing suffering through cheerfulness: Mario Kuttnig knows this not only because he has read it with Siegmund Freud, but also from his experience as an actor, director, humor and burnout prophylaxis trainer and, last but not least, Hercules Organizer. The Klagenfurter launched this award in 2006 to give the cabaret in Carinthia a stage. Hercules is supposed to spread a humor virus in the concert hall on Thursday when six cabaret artists give everything to receive the prize of 1000 euros from the Kärntner Sparkasse or the 2000 euros from the city of Klagenfurt. On stage: Alex Lovrek, Ina Jovanovic, Benedikt Mitmannsgruber, Sonja Pikart, Seppi Neubauer and Ilmar Tessmann, who is also known as a hotelier from Eberstein, but was nominated for the Grazer Kleinkunstvogel last year.
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