17 years of nightmare: a mother and her two children sequestered in appalling conditions

Finally the release for a mother and her two children aged 19 and 22, sequestered in the basement of their home by their husband and father for 17 years, in a state of ultimate maltrunition.

Ithey were only 5 and 2 years old, when their father decided to sequester his children in the basement of their home. Aged 19 and 22, the two children who had lived imprisoned with their mother for 17 years were in such a state of malnutrition that the police who discovered them were impressed.

“You will come out when you are dead” would have said the husband to the mother of the children

“The two youngsters, believed to be the children of the woman and the suspect, were tied up, soiled and malnourished” Rio de Janeiro military police said in a statement. It was thanks to anonymous information that the father of the family was stopped. Nicknamed DJ because he made the music scream at his house to drown out the cries of his victims, he would have told his wife “You must stay with me until the end. You’ll get out of here when you’re dead” during her captivity, as she told the police after being freed from the basement of her house in Guaratiba, a popular neighborhood in the west of this city.

Upon their release, the mother and her two children were taken to hospital. in a state of “dehydration and severe malnutrition » as specified by the municipal health services. According to the G1 news website, the mother told authorities that they sometimes went three days without food but were constantly victims of physical and psychological violence. “When we saw the state in which the two children came out, we said to ourselves that they would not have survived another week, said a neighbor of the family. I tried to talk to the mother in the ambulance, but she couldn’t make a sound because she was so weak.” The residents also indicated that the authorities had already been notified without an intervention having been organised.

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The family was sequestered in the cellar
The husband was nicknamed “dj” because he put on music to drown out the cries of the victims

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Rio de Janeiro was the scene of this drama
The mother and her two children have lived through an ordeal

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The three people were regularly beaten
Physical and verbal violence was the daily life of this mother and her two children

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The police arrested the suspect
He was guilty of 17 years of sequestration

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Rio de Janeiro
The victims were saved in extremis

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