1700 still canceled – “school rebels” return to the classes

The fact that this year parents had taken more than 2000 children from Lower Austria compulsory schools to teach them at home caused a stir in the education system two months ago. The situation is increasingly calming down: More and more of these children are returning to class.

Exactly 2049 students had been canceled from classes by their parents at the start of school. You should acquire the necessary knowledge at home. However, it was only in the first few weeks of the school year that many mothers and fathers seem to have realized that this is not so easy to do without any professional support. In the meantime, 277 of the affected children are back in the classroom. “Apparently convinced” “Apparently, many legal guardians have been convinced that school is more than just imparting knowledge,” said Education Director Johann Heuras and the responsible regional councilor Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister. There is still advice on this at the schools.
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