$175 million for bankruptcy proceedings

Over time, more and more companies that were involved in the insolvent crypto exchange FTX are coming to light. We have already summarized the biggest losers of bankruptcy in this article. The newest member of FTX creditors could now be blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis. Out of US Bankruptcy Court Records in the state of Delaware shows that attorney Nicholas A. Pasalides is representing the company. Pasalides submitted a so-called “Notice of Appearance”. The American Bankruptcy Institute according to such an application is standard in bankruptcy cases. More specifically, it states: “This is essentially a document, usually filed by an attorney on behalf of a creditor, stating that the attorney is representing the creditor in the bankruptcy proceeding and that the attorney is making copies on behalf of his client of all documents that may need to be served on the debtor and other parties in the proceedings.” It is currently unclear what exactly is behind the application and to what extent the analysis company had anything to do with FTX.

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