2 very good free games and a nice gift, take advantage of it quickly!

On Steam, a new week always means new free content for users. And this time, players will be able to try out two games for free, including a very big title from EA. In addition, a little surprise awaits fans of one of the most popular games on the platform.

Again, Steam is pleasing its players with plenty of great deals. And when it’s not big promotions or downright sales and events, the online store does offer games. Sometimes indefinitely, other times for a limited time. This week, it’s a big trial period that is offered with free access to two full games.

Two games playable for free on Steam

The first of these games is none other than Need For Speed ​​Unbound. A rather recent and above all very good opus which raises the bar a bit after a Payback and one Heat disappointing about them. The game regularly welcomes new free content and updates of all kinds. Dozens of fully customizable vehicles await you in this street racing game which offers a fully playable single-player experience and a different one in multiplayer. So old fashioned.

The second game offered, Legion TD 2, for free is an addictive tower defense mixing elements of MOBA and RPG. We embody several heroes that we can equip with objects to increase their statistics and we simply have to defend our bases in explosive and highly strategic games. Legion TD 2 is also playable in co-op and multiplayer. It is here that he draws most of his strength with his effective recipe.

These two games are accessible free of charge and in their entirety until July 27 inclusive. You can even take advantage of promotional offers in the process if you intend to acquire them definitively.

  • Need For Speed ​​Unbound at €20.99 instead of €69.99
  • Legion TD 2 at €12.99 instead of €19.99

A little free surprise in addition

Finally, World of Warships fans will be happy to learn that Steam is giving them a little surprise by offering them no more and no less than a big DLC. World of Warships is originally free to play but offers a lot of paid DLC with cosmetic elements and some gameplay. The pack in question, normally sold around 10 euros, contains the Ning Hai, an Asian tier 3 compact cruiser. You will also be able to recruit a new commander with 3 skills and add a new port slot.

The free DLC of World of Warships is available until August 4 next.

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