20 departments under "enhanced surveillance", which could reconfigure the weekend

This Thursday February 25, 2021, at 6 p.m., Jean Castex chaired a new "Covid-19 press conference". Risk of re-containment, departments under close surveillance, vaccination … We take stock of the announcements.

Jean Castex took stock of the health situation this evening, in a long-awaited speech concerning the government's strategy against the coronavirus. According to him, the French face "a duty of truth" and precise: "in the face of this virus, we need to hold on together". The threshold of 30,000 cases has indeed been crossed, a first since last November.

"The health situation in our country has deteriorated over the past few days, he clarified. After several months lying on a plateau, the virus is progressing in France, as almost everywhere in Europe. Something has been going on for a few days ". In this context, the Prime Minister, accompanied by Olivier Véran (Minister of Health), then announced a number of measures and advances.

No reconfinement on weekends, but 20 departments under close surveillance

As Jean Castex recalled, "Some are calling for strict containment, to get rid of the Covid once and for all. This is not possible, given the nature of the variants." There will therefore be no re-containment for the moment, even if the authorities do not completely close the door to this option in the future. "Containment is a lever that we must use when we are forced to. We must push it back as much as we can," he indeed explained.

Monitor "the evolution of the situation", this is the main objective displayed by Jean Castex. "Weekend containment targeted in the Alpes-Maritimes and in the North, in certain territories therefore, is the right method to obtain rapid results, without impacting others, he congratulated himself. (…) The situation in other departments arouses high vigilance ".

A list of 20 departments has been established for this, where the prefects and other leaders can take local measures. "If the situation continues to deteriorate, we will take reinforced measures which will come into force from the weekend of March 6", added the head of government. These areas could therefore well have to confine the weekend from this date.

Continuation of vaccination and a new treatment: monoclonal antibodies

Jean Castex and Olivier Véran have confirmed the continuation of the current vaccination strategy and believe that from here "By the end of February, more than 4 million vaccines will have been delivered". Both are reassuring, despite the European vaccine shortage. "We must vaccinate the right people, the oldest and or with pathologies called comorbidity, which make them more vulnerable to the disease", added the Minister of Health. These people with co-morbidities will be able to count on an acceleration of the vaccination process for them.

Positive point in the midst of the crisis: "The imminent arrival of new treatments, which could prevent the onset of severe forms of the disease: monoclonal antibodies", affirmed Olivier Véran. As explained by the LCI chain, these so-called synthetic antibodies (that is to say, manufactured in the laboratory) and injected intravenously mimic the functioning of the immune system after infection with Covid-19, and "Are supposed to support him to cancel the harmful power of the virus".

Another encouraging news, "all people over 50 will have been offered a first injection in mid-May", for a process that will begin at the end of April. Currently, the mistrust of the French regarding the vaccine seems to be receding, a news that gives hope despite the strict announcements that could arise very soon.