20 manicures to embrace the trend

Winter is now installed, and inevitably the weather is very gloomy. So let's brighten up our looks and give it a certain touch of pep with makeup. Of course, for this you can use your prettiest eye palettes or your best lipstick. However, in this article, it will be more about your nails. In the closet, sober and classic shades of varnish such as black, nude, red and white. Make way for nail art! And more precisely in multicolored nail art.

Multicolored nails, the nail polish trend of 2021

Multicolored nails are one of the beauty trends that will punctuate the year 2021. One way, we told you, to bring a touch of originality and daring to your look. Adapting to outfits already well colored, the "multicolored nail" trend can also match more classic and more sober outfits. The manicure will only be more enhanced!

How to wear the "multicolored nail" polish trend?

There's no one way to embrace the multi-colored nail beauty trend. On the contrary, its variations are endless and adapt to your style, your desires, your tastes. It is therefore on the social network of Instagram that we drew our inspiration. In our photo slideshow, discover about twenty multicolored manicures (done with classic nail polish, semi-permanent or even gel). Zoom in on the 3 types of nail art that are the most successful at the moment.

The colorful french manicure

The colorful French manicure has recently made its comeback in the beauty world. Incredible, and yet this trend of the 90s is catching our eye again. This year, we will adopt it colorful, but above all multicolored! We choose a colorless or nude varnish base, then we add a touch of different color to each end of our nails. Result? A guaranteed cannon effect!

Rainbow nail artFor a totally magical manicure, you can opt for a more classic manicure incorporating small multicolored designs. On the social networks of Instagram and Pinterest, at the moment, the trend is rainbows. Choose the base of varnish that you like the most (nude, color, French manicure, etc.), then add the drawings as you wish! Why not also put on your nail details such as rhinestones, sequins, stickers? With the "multicolored nails" trend, anything goes. So do not hesitate to shape the nails that will match the most!

The "logo" nails
Just like in the fashion world, logos are also on our nails! Display your favorite brand on your fingertips, using a classic polish, a semi-permanent, a gel, or even stickers. For example, opt for a glittery French manicure, and put a few logos (all in different colors of course, to enter the trend of multicolored nails) on your nails.