20% of French people believe that nipples appearing under a height

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The abandonment of the wearing of the bra is becoming more and more democratized. If "no bra" is a hot topic at the moment and seems to be a liberation for many women, a study shows the injunctions that still persist.

This Wednesday, July 22, Ifop published a new study made thanks to a survey of 3,018 people. It concerns the abandonment of the wearing of the bra by more and more women. Indeed, we told you about it recently: many women free themselves from wearing a bra, opting for better breast comfort on a daily basis. Faced with this phenomenon, considered militant for some and seen as a need for comfort for others, Ifop questioned the way in which the abandonment of the wearing of a bra is perceived. It seems that the study reveals how the culture of rape is still anchored in the mores of our contemporary society.

Indeed, some figures are alarming. For 20% of French people "A woman's showing her nipples under a top should be a mitigating factor for her abuser in the event of sexual assault." On the Ifop report, we can read in particular: "But by showing to what extent female breasts remain hyper-sexualized, this study also highlights the extent of the obstacles to increased visibility of female breasts: the erotic load that remains attached to them still strongly restricts the clothing freedom of women in the world. 'public space by overexposing them in particular to the risk of harassment or sexual assault… "

Faced with this injunction and the sexualization of the female breast, Ifop reveals that many other women are not comfortable with the idea of ​​showing their nipples under their top in public space for fear of be sexually assaulted. Some of the women interviewed also claimed to have already been harassed or assaulted because of their breasts. Concupiscent looks, remarks or insults … More than half of the women under 25 years of age surveyed were victims of this because of their breasts explains the study: "55% of women under 25 say their breasts have been the subject of concupiscent looks and about 40% of embarrassing remarks or sexist slurs." In addition, they represent 25% of survey participants to have suffered sexual touching on their breasts without their consent.

This study reveals the difficulties in desecrating sexualization around the female breast. This reveals how much the culture of rape is still anchored in collective thought today and how women are the first to suffer from it, forbidding herself to go out without a bra under their clothes, for fear of suffering. street harassment. In addition, this phenomenon suggests the persistent sexism when we know that a man showing his nipples will probably not have to worry about a possible assault while being in public space like this.

Find the Ifop study for Xcams carried out online from June 9 to 12, 2020 here.

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