200 people gathered in Paris to warn about gender-based and sexual violence

She agreed to give her first name then, at the end of the discussion, withdrew: “He is too recognizable in this small environment that is the theater, I’m afraid of being identified. “ So let’s call her Mary. On Saturday October 16, this 30-year-old actress participated in the rally to denounce gender-based and sexual violence in the theatrical sector. Organized in Paris, close to the Ministry of Culture and the French Comedy, this first event, which is an extension of the #MeTooTheatre movement launched in recent days on social networks, brought together some two hundred people.

“Throughout our career, from the conservatory, we have witnessed, sometimes victim, harassment and abuse, tells Marie alongside Maud, 26, also an actress. We wonder if we will be believed and we are so afraid of losing a place, in this environment where everything is known very quickly, that we keep silent. Even today, some did not dare to come. “

On a platform truck, readings and testimonies follow one another. There is Alice, face fully masked, who carried rape complaint against Michel Didym, renowned actor, director and former director of the Manufacture theater in Nancy – rape he denies. Alice urges the demonstrators to “No longer be afraid. The problem is not Michel Didym, but the theater as a whole and its relations of domination. These are the predators who must be afraid of us. We are the strength, we are there to make the theater and nothing else, it is up to us to play ”, she insists with trembling hands.

“Death to the omerta”

“He raped me, you applaud him”, “ Known rapist, rapist anyway “,” Aggressors, out of our theaters “,” Our anger is not a comedy “, can we read on the signs. Marie Coquille-Chambel, the videographer and theater critic behind the hashtag #MeTooTheatre, warns: “We will be in front of each theater that programs aggressors. Death to the omerta. ” A widely applauded intermittent from the show said:

“Let us not leave all the powers within a group which protects itself, this violence poisons our art, it is time to bring it down, the rapist is the man and it is the artist. “

While a group of personalities and theater professionals co-signed, Wednesday, October 13, a forum in Release calling for “The liberation of speech” and to “The urgency of the acts”, no actress or actor known to the general public took place in the ranks of the gathering. On the other hand, political leaders made the trip, among which the candidate Europe Ecology-The Greens for the presidential election, Yannick Jadot, his ex-competitor Delphine Batho, the adviser of Paris Danielle Simonnet (rebellious France), or the deputy to the mayor of Paris Audrey Pulvar (Socialist Party).

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