Cough: How it develops and what helps

Cough is a symptom of various diseases, but also a protective mechanism of the body. Here you will learn how coughing and how to get rid of it. What is cough? Mostly, we find coughing annoying – it is often caused by illnesses such as colds or asthma. Coughing is not only a symptom , but also an important…

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Otitis Symptoms at a Glance

Otitis symptoms are mainly pain, but also cold symptoms such as cough or fever. Here we reveal typical complaints. What is a middle ear infection? In middle ear infections (“otitis media”), the mucous membranes of the middle ear are inflamed – the cause is usually caused by bacteria or viruses infection of the nasopharynx, which then…

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Krupphusten: What is it and what helps?

Krupphusten refers to a dry cough that affects children especially at night. Here you will learn how the cough develops and what helps against it. Krupphusten: What is Pseudokrupp? In Krupphusten (also known as Pseudokrupp) it comes especially at night in children to spasmodic, barking coughing fits and respiratory complaints. Mostly, pseudo-croup develops from a cold : The mucous…

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Pain in the legs: where do they come from?

First, it is only a slight tingling, then a sting in the muscles: leg pain can not only be felt in very different ways, they also have many possible causes. Frequently, the discomfort of the legs is just a sign of short-term overload, for example, when you have sore muscles after exercising . Or you have heavy legs because you walked all day through the city. As a…

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Recognize and treat laryngitis

In a laryngitis, the vocal cords and the mucous membrane of the larynx are inflamed. How the disease develops and what helps you find out here. What is a laryngitis? A laryngitis is characterized in that both the vocal cords and the laryngeal mucous membranes are inflamed. It usually develops from previous respiratory infections, such as a cold . First…

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Coughing with sputum: You should know that

Coughing with sputum can be persistent. Here we reveal, from what causes the mucus and how you can get rid of the cough again. What is cough with sputum? When coughing with sputum one speaks also of the so-called productive cough. The body tries to clear the respiratory tract from the sputum by coughing . The sputum itself is a secretion…

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Home remedies for athlete’s foot: What really helps?

Athlete’s foot can be incredibly stubborn and annoying. Which home remedies for athlete’s foot help and what to pay attention, you will find out here. Home remedies for athlete’s foot: background Especially with athlete’s foot, there are many myths and enumerations regarding helpful home remedies for treatment. This is certainly also related to the fact that  athlete’s foot…

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Corneal inflammation: symptoms, causes and treatment

Corneal inflammation causes pain and restricts eyesight. How to recognize and treat them, you will find out here. Corneal inflammation: background Corneal inflammation is referred to in the jargon as keratitis . Keratitis may include various diseases of the cornea. In inflammation, the cornea is clouded and very sensitive to light . The cornea is the foremost layer of the eye and…

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Home remedies for bronchitis: The 5 best remedies

Bronchitis with a strong cough is annoying and can be quite attractive. Which home remedies for bronchitis help, you will find out here. Home remedies for bronchitis: Introduction Bronchitis is almost always caused by a virus , so antibiotics are not the solution. Antibiotics help with bacterial infections . Therefore, home remedies are a popular way to combat the first symptoms…

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