2022 was an exceptional year for ‘French Tech’ in terms of amounts raised

Photo credit © Monnaie de Paris

(Boursier.com) — The fundraising barometer published by In Extenso Innovation Croissance and ESSEC Business School shows that 2022 was an exceptional year for French Tech in terms of amounts raised (€13.6 billion) even surpassing the record level of 2021 (11 billion euros), despite the major disruptions which shook investor confidence, particularly in the second half of the year (war in Ukraine, energy crisis, soaring prices, etc.).

France has thus achieved a particularly notable performance in Europe: While the amount of funds raised has fallen by -12% in Europe compared to 2021, France has indeed progressed in this area by +23% in 2022.
In total, France ranks 2nd on the podium of the European countries having raised the most funds, behind the United Kingdom and ahead of Germany.

Patricia Braun, President of In Extenso Innovation Croissance, commented: “2022 is an atypical year, characterized by euphoria observed during the first half of the year, contrasting with a clear slowdown in the second part of the year. This end of the year marks a return to fundamentals, with a more central place of profitability in investment theses, and particular attention to very turbulent valuations.French Tech stands out both in number of operations (+11%), in amounts raised (+23%) and gives pride of place to seed funding (+9%). With strong reserves available to invest, we bet that investors will be very dynamic and confident in 2023.”

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