2023 World Cup: no selection has chosen Marcoussis as a base camp

FIGARO INFO – The organizers of the Rugby World Cup had wanted the XV of France not to be based in its training center in Essonne for reasons of fairness. Which, in the end, will not host any other team. Explanations.

It was an innovation wanted by Claude Atcher, the former DG of France 2023 since revoked. To establish more fairness for the competition, he had wished that the XV of France could not establish its base camp in its training center in Marcoussis (Essonne). “The obvious would have liked the France team to prepare for it. But we wanted to get rid of all subjective considerations by putting the Blues in the same conditions of preparation as the 19 other teams.“, had justified Claude Atcher. Welcoming the fair play of the coach of the Blues. “I thank Fabien Galthié for accepting this rule.»

Following this agreement between France 2023 and the FFR, the Marcoussis National Rugby Center had therefore been made available and was one of the three possible choices of base camps offered to several of the other 19 selections.

Reasoned refusals due to distance from the Stade de France

But, according to our information, no team will finally settle in the den of the Blues, located 40 kilometers from Paris and yet equipped with…

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