2024 taxes: here’s how to make your declaration in a few minutes using the impots.gouv mobile application


Impots.gouv is the official application of the Directorate General of Public Finances.

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The tax season began on April 11, 2024 in France. It is necessary to complete and submit your declaration before the deadlines of May 23, 2024 for departments no. 01 to 19 as well as non-resident taxpayers in France; from May 30 for departments no. 20 to 54 and those of Corsica (2A and 2B); and from June 6, 2024 for departments no. 55 to 974/97.

To carry out this process easily and quickly, the French government offers a mobile application called impots.gouv allowing you to produce an automatic declaration of your income in a few minutes. However, not everyone is affected.

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Indeed, the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty emphasizes on its website that the system is only accessible if:

  • You were taxed only on income pre-filled by taxes in 2023 (i.e. almost all income including salaries, pensions, with the exception of property income or income from self-employed workers – industrial and commercial profits, non-commercial profits, agricultural profits — and alimony);
  • You have not reported any changes to your tax household or new types of income in 2023 (changes of address or marital status and creation of withholding tax installments).

From then on, it is possible to file your income tax return via the impots.gouv application. After downloading it (iOS version and Android version) and opening it, taxpayers only have to:

  • Choose Log in to access all my services in order to connect with France Connect, your tax number or the QR code of your last tax form;
  • Select Declare my income;
  • Press Start;
  • Check the accuracy of the information in your declaration;
  • Access the Summary page;
  • Click on Validate;
  • Touch Sign my declaration.

For a more detailed and visual tutorial, the government has a full explanatory YouTube video available at the following address.

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