$210.6 million for star: Chiefs quarterback Mahomes is happy about historic payday

$210.6 million for Star
Chiefs quarterback Mahomes is happy about historic payday

Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL for most experts. His old ten-year contract set standards, but other professionals still earned more. The Chiefs responded to that. The two-time NFL MVP is moving back into the ranks of the top earners.

The Kansas City Chiefs have given quarterback Patrick Mahomes a particularly big birthday present and will pay him even better in the future than they already do. As US media reported on Monday, citing anonymous sources, the Super Bowl champion is now guaranteed $210.6 million over the next four years following a restructuring of his contract.

No one has ever earned more for such a period in the National Football League. Mahomes has already been the NFL professional with the largest contract in league history since 2020, when he signed a ten-year contract worth $450 million. He turned 28 on Sunday. His contract is to be adjusted again after 2026.

“He will always be underpaid”

Since his signing a little more than three years ago, numerous other quarterbacks have received contracts that guaranteed them more money on average per year than Mahomes would have earned with the Chiefs. Joe Burrow has recently been getting an average of $55 million a year with the Cincinnati Bengals. Justin Herbert, Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson were also better paid than Mahomes on average for the year.

After his second Super Bowl victory in February, when he led the Chiefs to victory against the Philadelphia Eagles despite an ankle injury, the Chiefs wanted to move Mahomes further up the league’s money list. The new contract would bring the two-time NFL MVP back toward the league lead at $52.6 million annually.

Chiefs boss Clark Hunt recently said that no matter how much money Mahomes earns in his career, “he will be underpaid.” Mahomes is currently playing his seventh NFL season. The Chiefs had a mixed start to the new season with one defeat and one win. Mahomes’ contract with the Chiefs runs until 2031.

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