23 brands to test to enhance your hair

Oils are the hair care of choice for taking care of the hair. More or less nourishing, dry or oily, they manage to meet the needs of all hair types. The proof with our selection of top hair oils to take care of all hair types

Focusing on one or more nourishing, regenerating, repairing and sublimating vegetable oils, hair care oils help to hydrate, repair, protect and beautify your hair. Sometimes enriched with ingredients that fill in the gaps in the hair fiber such as ceramides (the very ones that weaken the hair and lead to breakage), they are real allies in preserving the health and beauty of the hair. Normal, dry, dull, damaged, fine hair, prone to frizz… there is one for all hair types. We have also found you a selection of hair care oil suitable for all needss!

How to use hair care oil?

It all depends on the type of treatment chosen. While most hair care oils can be applied as a leave-in treatment, with a few drops of product distributed throughout the hair, others are specially designed to provide intense care before shampooing. When it comes to a pre-shampoo oil of this type, just apply it a little before the shower and let it act before washing the hair as usual. Don’t worry if your pre-shampoo oil makes your hair a little oily, this unpleasant aspect will go away after washing. If you have opted for a classic care oil, the main thing is not to overdose the product. Indeed, oils are concentrated hair care that is used sparingly. No need to waste your hair oil bottles by putting in too much. Also good to know: these can generally be used for the realization of oil bath. But then again, be careful not to put more than one to three tablespoons of care on your hair depending on its length.

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