24 hours of Le Mans: discover the Peugeot 9X8, the latest futuristic creation from the French brand

Axel May
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10:35 a.m., June 11, 2022

It will be exhibited at Le Mans, even if it will not run this year. The Peugeot 9X8, the latest original creation from the French brand, will make its debut in the FIA ​​WEC World Endurance Championship on July 10 at the 6 Hours of Monza in Italy. Europe 1 presents this Hypercar which could well succeed the 908.

What is striking at first glance is the absence of a large spoiler at the rear of the Peugeot 9X8, notes Olivier Jansonnie, the technical director of the lion brand’s endurance program. “Removing the rear wing allows us to simplify the design of the car a little bit on its rear part, more for the mechanics than for the aerodynamics”, he explains on Europe 1.

“We did not detect any significant problem”

“It’s a choice that we have made since almost the start of the project. We had left ourselves the exit doors over the course of the project to go back possibly if we had discovered, in particular during the track tests, a problem with the mileage return that we have on the track. We have not detected any major problem and therefore we are continuing with this solution where we are in the process of approving the Peugeot”.

A conventional heat engine

The Peugeot 9X8 is a four-wheel drive. A conventional gasoline combustion engine propels the rear axle. The front wheels are driven by an electric motor whose battery is recharged during the braking phases. This futuristic car, created according to the new regulations of the World Endurance Championship, will make its first racing appearance in a month in Italy, at Monza. The public of the moment will have to wait another year to see it roll. It will perhaps succeed the 908, the last Peugeot winner of the 24 hours. That was over ten years ago.

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