25 years in prison for Jonathann Daval


After six long days of trial, the verdict was delivered this Saturday, November 21. Jonathann Daval is sentenced to 25 years in prison.

It was October 30, 2017. The charred body of a young woman was found in a wood, in Haute-Saône. Her husband, Jonathann Daval, was taken into police custody on January 29, 2018. After having long denied, the man had confessed to the murder of his wife which had taken place on the night of October 27 to 28, 2017.

"I killed Alexia"

A story that greatly shocked all French people and whose trial took place this week at the Vesoul Assize Court. This lasted six days. Jonathann Daval confessed to the murder of his wife Alexia, this Thursday, November 19. "I gave her death (…), I killed Alexia to keep her quiet" he explained to the president of the court Matthieu Husson. But what could have pushed Jonathan Daval to such an act? The precise reasons are still unknown. According to him, Alexia accused him of "not to be a man" and humiliated him. He also described his wife to an expert psychiatrist as "violent in word and deed".

At the end of the morning, Advocate General Emmanuel Dupic requested life imprisonment for Jonathann Daval. The three professional magistrates and the six jurors then came to an agreement and delivered the verdict. Guilty of the murder of his wife Alexia Fouillot, Jonathann Daval was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Joanthann Daval's chilling words:

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