25 years of SATC: On the trail of “Sex and the City” through New York

25 years of SATC
On the trail of “Sex and the City” through New York

Most recently, our favorite girlfriends were seen filming “And Just Like That” in New York (sadly without Samantha)

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Where does Carrie Bradshaw live? On which corner is the famous Magnolia Bakery located? We show the most important locations from “Sex and the City” for your next trip to New York.

25 years of SATC! Damn it, how old have we gotten? Well, just as old as Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, who we last saw in the reboot “And Just Like That” were allowed to see (unfortunately without Samantha). Celebrating the 25th anniversary of our favorite series let’s look back at the most important SATC film locations – as sightseeing tips for the next New York trip! All tips come from Michael Reufsteck’s travel guide “New York for television viewers”.

1) Stand on the steps at Carrie Bradshaw’s once

New York: Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

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Carrie Bradshaw, the series’ columnist and main character played by Sarah Jessica Parker, reportedly lived on the Upper East Side (245 East 73rd St.), but that address doesn’t actually exist. If you want to stroll through Carrie’s supposed neighborhood and get a feel for the neighborhood, you’ll find it around where 73rd Street crosses 2nd Avenue. The actual filming location is much further south, in Greenwich Village. The steps to the front door of 66 Perry St served as Carrie Bradshaw’s steps for years, which came in handy for her performer, since Sarah Jessica Parker lives just down the street in real life.

The sign next to the front door does not read the number 66 but 1866, which often causes confusion among tourists. 1866 is the year of construction.

The TV addresses of the other ladies were: 300 Gansevoort Street (Samantha), 700 Park Avenue (Charlotte) and 331 West 78th Street (Miranda). However, none of these addresses actually exist.

2) Eat cupcakes once in the “Magnolia Bakery”.

New York: Magnolia Bakery

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From Carrie’s house to the Magnolia Bakery, one of the popular gossip places on the subject of sex, is only a few steps away. When you face Carrie’s fictional front door, turn right, walk to the next corner, and turn right onto Bleecker Street. After a few meters on the right side you are there.

Phew, after all that effort you deserve a cupcake! Magnolia Bakery is famous for its cupcakes, which is more due to clever marketing and clever placement in series like this or films like “The Devil Wears Prada” than the taste of the cupcakes. So be careful: As famous as these things are, they are also cute. Essentially, they taste like pure sugar mixed with a pound of butter and added a little sweetener just to be safe. If you still want to try it, just to be on the safe side, don’t buy more than one. If it tastes good, you can always buy more – if you have the nerve to queue in front of a pastry shop. At certain peak times, the rush is so great that a bouncer regulates admission.

3) Have a drink once in “Scout”.

So that the constant talk about sex in the series didn’t get boring, the girls often changed locations. One of their haunts was Scout, which is called Onieals Grand Street in the real world (174 Grand Street). The walk from Magnolia Bakery to O’Nieals takes about half an hour. If you don’t want to take the taxi, bus, or subway and want to take the walk, walk back down Bleecker Street the way you came from, which is Perry Street. But this time do not turn off there, but go straight ahead until you come to 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) and turn right (south) onto it. Where Avenue of the Americas meets Grand Street, turn left (east) to the intersection where Grand Street, Baxter Street and Center Market Place meet. Onieals is a fine eatery with white tablecloths.

On the occasion: Just a few blocks north of the Onieal is Little Italy, just as close to the south is Chinatown. The Puck Building from the “Will & Grace” series is also just a few minutes’ walk away.

4) Buy shoes once in Carrie’s favorite store

25 years of SATC: In the footsteps of "Sex and the City" through New York

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Ultimately, of course, it’s just a cliché that women talk about sex all the time, and of course that wasn’t all Carrie Bradshaw spent her time doing. Of course, she also bought shoes. Many. expensive. And at Manolo Blahnik. That’s a lot further north at 717 Madison Avenue. If you’re going to be walking by then, you’ll need your new shoes badly.

By the way: In the vicinity of Manolo Blahnik there are many other exclusive shops, as well as the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Rockefeller Center, which is home to the studios of NBC, among others.

The “Sex and the City” addresses at a glance:

  • 66 Perry St, between West 4th Street and Bleecker Street (Greenwich Village). Subway: Blue Lines A, C, E or Orange Lines F, V to W 4th Street, alternatively Red Lines 1, 2 to Christopher St./Sheridan Sq. Then a few minutes stroll through the equally beautiful and rich Greenwich Village.
  • Magnolia Bakery401 Bleecker Street, corner of 11th Street (Greenwich Village)
  • Scout (Onieals), 174 Grand Street, at the intersection of Baxter Street and Center Market Place Subway: 6 Green Line to Spring Street or N, R Yellow Lines to Prince Street. Then a few more meters on foot
  • Manolo Blahnik, 717 Madison Ave. Easiest to get to by bus M1.


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