29, 39 or 49? According to the study, the perfect age to cheat …

Why cheat people? Obviously mainly because they are afraid of the 30, the 40 or the 50 … Five wicked facts about fishing in strange waters.

1. Repentance included: Most infidelities would like to be faithful

The fairy tale of the unscrupulous cheater is really a fairy tale. According to the survey, most cheaters love their partners and would rather be loyal.

2. The perfect age for the affair? 29, 39, 49 …

Fun fact: Shortly before a milestone birthday, we are all more prone to fling. Why? Crisis or something.

3. Ouch! Over half of all men …

… to be precise, 51 percent have cheated on them before. Of the women it is 36 percent. Well … the latter number is not suitable as a moral authority either.

4. During a woman's pregnancy, men are five times more likely to cheat

Ok, now it's getting dirty. This fact is so angry that we are boiled in bile.

5. In May the risk of cheating is highest

Funny, but somehow also logical. Fortunately, May is now over. Danger recognized. Danger averted. Because we know: we will regret it.

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