3: 2 success after extra time – direct acceptance into luck: Malgin gives the Lions the break – sport

In game 3 and game 5 in the quarter-final series against Lausanne, Gottéron prevailed in extra time at home. The “dragons” missed the “overtime hat trick” against the ZSC Lions. Instead, the people of Zurich grabbed the break in front of 8934 spectators in Saanestadt. Denis Malgin scored the game-winning goal in the 82nd minute:

  • After an unsuccessful attack by the home team, things go straight in the other direction: Malgin pulls straight away after a cross pass from Maxim Noreau and defeats Gottéron goalkeeper Reto Berra.

At the start of the first overtime, the Zurich team initially had a slight playful advantage without having created any compelling chances to score. After a little more than 70 minutes, the hosts shifted up a gear: Mauro Jörg’s victory jubilation stuck in his throat twice. Shortly thereafter, Malgin triggered anxious seconds for the home fans on the other side. Minutes later he advanced to become a “Gottéron fright”.

Wild start – and then it becomes tame

At the beginning of the game, the two teams had fought with open visors. The defensive restraints remained in the dressing room. And so it came as little surprise that 2 goals had already been scored after 6 minutes.

Denis Hollenstein silenced the huge majority in the BCF Arena early on (5′), but the hosts’ reaction was immediate and vehement: Chris DiDomenico equalized just 28 seconds later. After that, the goal chances became rarer, but it went on unrestrained, which was reflected in 7 small penalties between the 8th and 20th minutes.

It was 20 furious minutes – and the two coaches – unlike the spectators – probably didn’t like them. In fact, the game noticeably lost its verve in the second round: the players on the ice neutralized themselves in a disciplined manner and with as little risk as possible. Andrej Bykow missed one of the few chances from close range (23rd).

Gottéron equalizes twice

In the 3rd period, Freiburg’s Raphael Diaz was in focus twice. The 36-year-old had the disc ripped off after 50 seconds, the “lions” smelled a fuse: Denis Malgin served Sven Andrighetto, who was completely alone in front of Berra and made it 2-1.

Diaz did not forget his faux pas 10 minutes later: After a remarkable solo run, he forced Lions keeper Ludovic Waeber to rebound, which Samuel Walser converted to make it 2-2 (49th). Waeber replaced the sick Jakub Kovar.

Gottéron, who had a shot ratio of 32:17 in regular time, scraped past the new deficit in the 57th minute: Zurich’s Marco Pedretti failed after a counterattack with a man down by Berra.

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