3 beautiful lipstick colors that women over 50 should own

Women over 50
3 lipstick colors you should definitely own

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Beauty and the love of make-up know no age! While these words are literally set in stone, your body changes a little over the years – and your needs change with it. For Women over 50 can search for that perfect lipstick sometimes be a challenge. With age, lips can lose volume and become more wrinkled, making choosing the right color and texture even more important. Certain nuances ensure that the lips are beautifully highlighted and the face is harmoniously supported.

Lipstick colors for women over 50: 1. Soft rosé

In order to make the lips appear fuller, it is worth first painting the lip contour a little. Nourishing lipsticks that with Argan oil or Vitamin E are enriched, provide the lips with moisture and smooth the surface fabulously. That just trumps that Lip color rosé, which looks super natural and can be easily integrated into everyday looks. The nuance is rosy and fresh and appears beautifully light, especially with a glossy finish. Rosé magically adapts to any complexion and intensifies your lip color without looking artificial.

2. Intense berry tones

Dark tones can make the lip look smaller due to their weight, but depending on the occasion or personal feeling, you don’t necessarily want to do without the dark shades. The solution is berry nuances, which create a strong contrast with their blue and red tones, but at the same time have a fresh and encouraging effect. The Dark berry look However, it also scores points with a self-confidence boost and can hardly be overlooked as a stand-alone statement.

3. Bright red

Admittedly, one bright red lip suits every woman. Bright shades of orange or coral red make the face shine thanks to the high contrast. With increasing age, the contrast between skin and lips gradually decreases, which is why the signal color is a welcome addition. But sensual tones such as medium red, crimson and blood red also create an elegant, timeless finish and, with the support of a lip liner, ensure a clear edge.

Of course, these are just recommendations and every woman can of course wear the color that she feels particularly comfortable with – that way it will shine even better.


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