3 editors reveal: They are trying out these fashion trends in 2023

Courage for new styles
3 editors tell what trends they are trying out in the new year

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New year, new style? Why not! That’s what the BRIGITTE editors think, too, and in 2023 they’ll be daring to try one or the other fashion trend.

It’s always the same with the wardrobe and the daily guesswork: what am I going to wear today? Ultimately, the choice falls on the usual parts. They’re just safe, they suit you and you like them. That’s pretty boring in the long run. So that’s the end of it for now! It’s time to look beyond your own fashion horizon. What will happen in 2023 beyond the safe wardrobe or on the catwalks of the world? Three BRIGITTE editors have each picked a trend — and they’re following it, really.

Neo gothic chic? Yes, please!

From the first sequence of Tim Burton’s hit series “Wednesday” on Netflix… and starring Jenna Ortega, I knew I wanted two braids on my head and lots of black in my wardrobe. Forgiveness? How beautiful was her appearance in this dark tulle dress with flounces?

And the big fashion houses like Dior or Versace have put their models in beautiful black lace dresses and topped their masterpieces with gothic accessories. You already guessed it while reading, in 2023 I will throw myself into dark lace fabric, tulle and leather. And, the occasion will come: I will find a floor-length ruffled tulle dress — and wear it with wide-meshed fishnet tights.

Linda, fashion and beauty editor

Y2K, yeah

Never heard of Y2K? But you’ve certainly seen it! Pop icons like Britney Spears, Shakira and the No Angels shaped the flashy era of the 2000s, which also shaped my youth. But as much as I was fascinated by Christina Arguliera or Linday Lohan, I was only partially able to relate to their low-rise jeans, tight baby T-shirts and belt-width mini skirts. “Sorry, I just don’t have a bare midriff,” was always my excuse to myself. Just don’t take too many risks, my motto. But after countless street style pictures that constantly mixed into my Instagram feed and runway looks from Fendi or Miu Miu, the style, not just the exciting era, also crept into my heart.

And why not take a risk, right? After all, fashion should be fun and the Y2K trend definitely does that. And it doesn’t always have to be the mini skirt or the baby shirt. Bubblegum pink pieces, rhinestone t-shirts and baggy cargo pants are also trending. So in 2023 I will be throwing myself into shimmering materials and adding more pieces in pink to my wardrobe. And maybe the low-rise jeans from the wish list will actually end up in the shopping cart.

Julika, fashion and beauty editor

Color your life

I usually live by Mortica Addams motto: “I always wear black, black is such a happy color”. But since the world is gray enough right now, I want to break with my habits and finally let more color into my wardrobe next year – especially because the color trends 2023 are so promising. At the top of the list is of course the trend color for 2023: Viva Magenta! But I also like light ice blue, purple and green tones.

Since I’m still quite new in the field, I took the Danish influencer Emili Sindlev as my role model. She has been combining bright trend colors with each other for years. What is too much of a good thing for my taste is just the beginning for her and yet she always looks top styled. I admire this courage and have already ordered statement pieces that I can now combine in a wide variety of variations.


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