3 films and series to watch for Earth Day

Each year, the Earth is celebrated on April 22 and demonstrations take place all over the world. Films and series can also participate in raising global awareness. This is the case of Wall-Eon Disney+, from janeon Apple TV+, andOkjaon Netflix.

Celebrated since 1970, Earth Day takes on more meaning, year after year, as the climate crisis becomes more and more intense. To feed your ecological convictions, many films and series are available on SVOD platforms. On this Saturday, April 22, 2023, we therefore invite you to save the Earth in the company of Wall-E on Disney+, to preserve endangered species with jane on Apple TV+ or to reflect on capitalism with Okja on Netflix.

If you wish to participate more actively with concrete actions on this Earth Day 2023, you can find here a map bringing together the activities planned near you (walks, workshops, etc.).

Okja // Source: Netflix

Wall-E on Disney+, a single robot (too cute) to save us all

In the future, humanity has deserted the Earth, which has become uninhabitable due to our devastating lifestyles. The planet is now only populated by a tiny robot, Wall-E. Its mission is simple: to clean up the waste left by humans. The life of this little android, full of cuteness and intelligence, is soon turned upside down by the arrival of Eve, a robot who has come to retrieve a mysterious plant. But Wall-E quickly falls in love with his sidekick, and this infinite love will take them to the ends of space…

We couldn’t make a special Earth Day selection without including the most adorable and avant-garde cartoon on the subject. Released in 2008, Wall-E showed, once again, Pixar’s undeniable expertise in providing food for thought while providing a fun adventure for the little ones. Almost entirely silent, the film remains an unequaled tour de force of animation and ecological education. Wall-E is quite simply the ideal feature film to show how precious the Earth is and the disastrous consequences that hang in our faces if we do not react quickly to the IPCC’s cries of alarm. And then, by the way, Pixar’s creation offers a funny and touching romance for our little artichoke hearts. What more ?

  • Watch if you liked: Avalonia, the strange journey ; up there ; The New Heroes ; The Lorax
  • Must see if you are looking for: animation ; science fiction; ecology; robots; to see with the family; love story ; space ; future ; humor ; feel good ; no violence ; meet the cutest robot in the universe (with Baymax); fall in love in space; want to adopt Wall-E

jane on Apple TV+, the green series to mobilize children

Polar bears, sharks, rhinos, caribou… Budding environmental activist Jane Garcia lives a life filled with her favorite animals… in her imagination. She regularly takes David, her best friend, and Greybeard, a chimpanzee, on her fictional adventures to save species around the world. Between fiction and documentary, the series jane is an excellent introduction to ecology for children (and their parents).

Available on Apple TV+ (now accessible from Canal+) for a few days, these 10 episodes lead us to discover several animals, essential to our ecosystems. Each 25-minute chapter, dedicated to a particular species, offers a thrilling mini-adventure for children, before concluding with the intervention of real experts on the subject. Inspired by the work of the great anthropologist and ethnologist Jane Goodall, jane develops an instructive message, while sharing concrete actions that can be taken in the face of the climate crisis. The series, really aimed at younger generations, is thus a breath of fresh, positive air, betting more on hope than on a pessimistic observation Extrapolations, also on Apple TV+. And frankly, it feels pretty good.

  • Watch if you liked: jane (the documentary, available on Disney+); Our planet ; This is not rocket science ; The Magic Bus
  • Must see if you are looking for: children’s series; ecology; animals ; special effects ; documentary; humor ; adventure ; scientific discoveries ; short episodes; feel good ; no violence ; want to save all the animals on Earth; encourage budding scientists

Okja on Netflix, the satire to become a vegetarian

Two years before the box ParasiteKorean director Bong Joon-ho had already stirred up the world of cinema with Okja, whose release on Netflix in 2017 was highly controversial. If you finally want to keep your resolution to become a vegetarian, you have the solution with this film that will take away the urge to eat meat for a little while. We follow the beautiful friendship between the young Mija, who lives the good life with Okja, a huge animal, in the mountains of South Korea. But the problem is that Okja actually belongs to a multinational, determined to make vacuum-packed meat from it in the supermarket. As the creature is captured and transported to New York, Mija will travel the world to save it.

Both ecological fable, satire of the capitalist world and ode to friendship, Okja is a strange mixture that does not leave us for 2 hours. It must be said that the film benefits from a five-star cast, with the revelation Ahn Seo-hyeon, but also stars like Tilda Swinton (The world of Narnia), Paul Dano (The Batman), Steven Yeun (relentless) or Jake Gyllenhaal (Spider-Man: Far From Home), in a fully lit role. Led by quirky characters, Okja approaches the ecological spirit of Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited away), more radical. And on this Earth Day, we can’t think of anything better to offer you to deal with the climate crisis.

  • Watch if you liked: Parasitic; My Neighbor Totoro; Princess Mononoke; AND The Extraterrestrial; Peter and Elliott the dragon
  • Must see if you are looking for: satire; anticipation; adventure ; dark humor ; parody; unusual; social drama; staggered; Jake Gyllenhaal with an ugly mustache; finally keep your resolution to reduce your meat consumption illico, presto

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