3 hairstyle tips to use for a youthful effect (effective on gray hair!)

Brigitte Macron is a master in the art of using her hairstyle to have a modern and trendy look that enhances the oval of her face after 70 years. Here are 3 rejuvenating tips to give it an immediate “rejuvenating” effect.

Ultra chic in all circumstances, Brigitte Macron shines with his choices of stylish but modern hairstyles, which are perfect to spice up her look now that she is over 70, since she celebrated her 71st birthday on April 13. A fan of rejuvenating blonde coloring which has become one of her beauty signatures, she knows how to restore radiance to her mature skin and brighten her complexion with a few lighter highlights in her hair.

His iconic haircut is none other than a bob cut ideal for rejuvenating the face. She, who previously wore a short bob, swapped it for a long bob which delicately lifts the oval of her face by dressing the lower part of the face and softening her features. She also thought about making it evolve by adopting a unstoppable anti-aging hairstyle tip to rejuvenate yourself, which works just as well after 50 as after 70: bangs. But that’s not all: she also knows how to style her hair intelligently to appear 10 years younger, by multiplying the right reflexes with each of her appearances. Of the anti-aging hairstyle tips which work just as well on her blonde hair as on salt and pepper hair.

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Hairstyle after 60: flip brushing, Brigitte Macron’s anti-aging tip to rejuvenate her bob cut

While she was used to wearing her blonde bob enhanced by a simple and classic blow-dry, the French First Lady increasingly likes to use her blow-dry to enhance her features. Less smooth than before, its rounded blow-dry in order to be volumizing, has for several months displayed tips brushed towards the inside of the face, to frame its oval.

This flip brushing, which is generally done with a round brush, is ideal after 60 when it brings the ends of the hair towards the inside of the face, because it gives a softer expression to the face. These locks styled towards the face, have the advantage of following the contours of the oval and in particular the jaw line, which lifts the features on the one hand, and easily conceals some fine lines on the other hand by thus ovalizing the bob cut around the face. Sometimes, she likes to play with this work done on the ends of her hair, reserving it for the framing strands, to make the rest of her hair flow outwards. A technique that brings even more dynamism to your hairstyle.

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Brigitte Macron: her wavy locks for a “rejuvenating” effect on the face

Although she is a fan of very elegant volumizing blow-drys which manage to incredibly boost the volume of her light blonde hair, Brigitte Macron also dares to do other hairstyles with a rejuvenating effect on special occasions. This was particularly the case during the lily of the valley ceremony which took place on May 1 at the Élysée, an event for which Brigitte Macron sported a unique and subtly wavy hairstyle.

Without needing to curl all of her hair, she had targeted this styling on the strands of her bob which framed her face for an unmissable rejuvenating effect, but which did not require much effort, only harmonizing the rest of her hair by waving a few scattered strands at the back of the head. An anti-aging hairstyle tip that enhanced her facial features thanks to very soft curls styled outwards at the front, and which also added volume to the back of the hairstyle. An idea to take from it to easily give movement to your hair after 60 or 70 years.

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Brigitte Macron: her tip for a “lifting” but not “memerizing” bun

At an age where the chic bun can sometimes turn out to be an overly strict hairstyle that radically hardens facial features, Brigitte Macron has the art of reworking it so that it becomes an elegant and rejuvenating hairstyle. With her low bun covering the nape of her neck, she thinks about creating the attachment so that it flatters the oval of her face and enhances her features at the front for a lifting effect.

She’s also thinking about putting her curtain bangs to good use, brushing them across her forehead and boosting the volume at her roots, which prevents her from putting unflattering emphasis on her face. This more blurred and volumizing styling is ideal for immediately rejuvenating a face, especially since it allows you to benefit from the camouflaging effect of incognito bangs on the most marked wrinkles. Flawless!

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