3 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Shampoo for Hair Loss, According to Dermatologists

Certain ingredients present in hair care products such as shampoos promote hair loss. Here is the list of those to avoid as much as possible in the event of hair loss and thinning hair to regain volume.

Stress, illnesses, hormonal upheaval, natural aging of hair… The causes of hair loss are multiple and there is not always only one factor that is responsible for the worrying number of hairs that we lose in the shower and that we find on our hairbrush… Among the causes that we do not always identify, there are also certain ingredients which are very common in the shampoos that we use to wash our hair several times a week, dermatologists also point out.

How to recognize them so that you can avoid them when buying your shampoos in the supermarket? Dr. Enrizza P. Factor, dermatologist in the Philippines and Dr. Yoram Harth, dermatologist and medical director of MDhair, answered this question for the media Shefinds. Scalp health experts have identified 3 ingredients that are best avoided in your shampoo when we have the thinning hair or a problem of hair loss. Among them, there are ingredients that we know well but whose impact on hair loss we did not necessarily suspect, but also one that is less famous than the others. We bet you would never have thought to look for the last one in the INCI list of ingredients that make up your shampoo?

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Hair loss: this ingredient supposed to make our hair more beautiful can make it fall out

Quite common in hair care, and in particular shampoos, due to their ability to make our hair softer and much shinier quickly, silicones are, however, substances that can be harmful to our hair. These are, in fact, hair care ingredients with an occlusive effect, which, when used regularly and in quantity in hair care routines, can then harm the good health of the scalp.

This is what dermatologist Enrizza P. Factor points out, who specifies that this occlusive aspect can prevent the scalp from fully benefiting from the nutrients that we provide to the hair by creating a sort of barrier. “Silicones in shampoo can cause hair loss by coating the scalp so that nutrients cannot be absorbed,” she explains, in fact, to give us one more good reason to be wary of this very common ingredient in the treatments we apply when shampooing.

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Thinning Hair: 2 More Common Shampoo Ingredients That Cause Hair Loss

Silicones are not the only problematic substances for hair health that are very regularly found in hygiene products intended for hair. There are also 2 others that dermatologists do not recommend using when you are losing a lot of hair:

  • parabens : commonly used as preservatives in cosmetic products and hair care products, parabens are suspected of being dangerous for health, in particular being responsible for certain health problems such as hormonal disruptions. Although it may be less well known, these are also common ingredients in our shampoo formulas which are not indicated for hair loss and problems with fine and thinning hair, according to the dermatologist. The hair health expert points out that they are the cause of hair problems, as they lead to “dryness and irritation of the scalp”sometimes even a “discoloration” colored hair, but also “hair loss” in some cases.

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  • sodium chloride: much less known than the two previous ingredients, sodium chloride is nevertheless not recommended by Doctor Yoram Harth who specifies that this substance used to thicken the formulas of shampoos which are sometimes too liquid, can “drying out the scalp, causing redness and itching” and that this inflammation of the scalp can end up “damage hair follicles and cause more hair loss”. If you’re losing a lot of hair, it’s best to check the label on your shampoo to make sure it doesn’t contain any and won’t make your hair loss worse.
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